The Malta Independent 5 December 2023, Tuesday
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GO Internet services disrupted in Valletta, Floriana due to cable theft attempt in Floriana tunnels

Saturday, 18 November 2023, 12:56 Last update: about 17 days ago

Service provided by GO in Valletta and Floriana was disrupted on Saturday after an attempted theft.

In a statement, GO said that in the early hours of this morning, four (the police said three) individuals were arrested following an attempt to steal GO cables in the tunnels in Floriana. During this attempt, these individuals cut through the main fibre cable feeding Valletta and Floriana leaving multiple customers without internet connectivity.


The GO technical team has been on site since 2am this morning after alarms indicated a significant outage in the area. Upon arrival at the site, the team alerted the police who took immediate action, the compamny said.

Due to the criminal nature of this incident, the GO technical team could not commence repairs until the forensic teams complete their assessments.

"It is extremely disappointing and disheartening that such incidents keep on occurring. This is not the first time that our services have been impacted due to theft attempts. These individuals do not realise that they are tampering with critical infrastructure that supports civil protection units and other services, on which the country and its people depend," stated a GO spokesperson.

Whilst we understand that disruption of this nature is extremely frustrating for our customers, we ask the public for their patience and understanding until the service is restored. Our teams are on site and are doing everything they possibly can to restore the services in as short as time as is reasonably possible. Please appreciate that the team is working in perilous conditions and needs to focus entirely on repairing this damage. Services will start to be restored in the coming hours. 

"It is also extremely frustrating for us too since our resources need to be reallocated to fixing this unanticipated and deliberate damage instead of focusing our efforts on servicing our customers, and the country, not to mention the significant costs to repair which could have been invested elsewhere," the spokesperson said.


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