The Malta Independent 6 December 2023, Wednesday
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Placing of tarmac and batching plants in Mqabba is wrong idea, ADPD says

Saturday, 18 November 2023, 14:19 Last update: about 18 days ago

The proposed development of a batching plant and a tarmac factory instead of a quarry is a clear sign of how the construction lobby is being allowed to expand to the detriment of both the environment and of people's health, ADPD The Green Party said Saturday.

This plant is earmarked to be built around 500 metres from a residential area without taking into consideration public health. The only motivation is profit, the party said.


This was the primary message of ADPD spokespersons who addressed a press conference on site in Mqabba, where the tarmac and batching plants are being proposed. 

ADPD Chairperson Sandra Gauci stated that this has the hallmark of yet another case of a government of the few, which steamrolls over the people and is ready to sacrifice the people’s health for the financial gains of friends and of friends of friends. So much so, that the individual proposing the development is very close to the Labour Party to the extent that he had an involvement in the building of the Labour Party’s Headquarters at Mile End and whose daughter works at OPM. 

“This is another case of how this government trades in clientelism and favouring its network of friends whilst sacrificing the health of an entire village to appease a close friend. Malta is ‘just’ with such people and unjust with the rest. We, at ADPD, are against the granting of this permit for the development of this industrial plant in this area because people’s health comes before the profit of a handful of people”, Gauci insisted

Where is the logic of a government which boasts of having removed what it had termed the ‘cancer factory’ being the Marsa Power Station, whilst giving free reign and approving permits for a cancer factory in every town and village?

Another saga awaits through the development of the bitumen plant near Imqabba, just like the one in the case of the Bitmac plant, which is having negative repercussions on the adjacent residential area in Iklin. Just like the operational plant in Tal-Balal, the plant in Imqabba will have negative consequences on the residents’ quality of life.  

Gauci continued that this type of industrial plant is not well-positioned so close to residences. If there is a need for such a plant, it should be placed elsewhere. 

There also needs to be better thinking and diversification about where investment flows. It is becoming increasingly unacceptable that in Malta, the strongest inclination for investment remains in the construction sector. It is high time that those who have only benefitted through state favouritism, start to give something back.

People must be put at the very centre of the country’s planning. Malta does not belong to a handful of people, but to all who reside here. The wings of the lobbies close to power must be clipped. The time has come to cut the construction industry down to size.

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