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Malta International Airport is anticipating 7.8 million passengers by end of 2023 - MIA CEO

Sabrina Zammit Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 20:04 Last update: about 4 months ago

Malta International Airport is anticipating welcoming 7.8 million passengers by the close of 2023, MIA CEO Alan Borg said on Wednesday.

This achievement sets the stage for a remarkable transformation as CEO Alan Borg unveiled an ambitious six-year investment program totalling €250 million, signalling a pivotal moment in the airport's evolution.

An investment totalling €250 million; the multi-faceted program rests on three pillars, strategically designed to propel Malta International Airport into a new era of operational efficiency, sustainability, and enhanced customer experience.

The CEO said that at the plans core is the commitment to seamlessly manage the surge in passenger traffic while meeting stringent environmental goals and advancing the development of the airport campus.

A significant portion of the investment is dedicated to critical infrastructure projects, with the construction of Apron X and the Terminal Expansion Project taking centre stage. Progress on Apron X is well underway, he said adding that the first phase is anticipated for completion by the summer of 2024. Simultaneously, the initiation of the first phase of the Terminal Expansion Project promises improvements for arriving guests, including additional security lanes, a reconfigured baggage reclaim area, and a new Schengen arrivals route. These developments are poised to elevate Malta International Airport's capacity and deliver a “5-star experience to all travellers”, he said.

Underpinning the program's operational pillar are rehabilitation efforts on Apron 9 and the airport's runways, coupled with a substantial investment in cutting-edge security scanners. These advanced scanners aim to streamline passenger processing, eliminating the need for liquids to be removed from hand luggage during security checks.

“Sustainability is another pillar of the company’s investment programme. The installation of a three-megawatt peak photovoltaic farm–the fifth installation on the airport campus–will raise Malta International Airport’s clean energy generation capacity from 30% to 70%., while the overhaul of the airport’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems will allow the company to save around 2 million kWh of energy annually”, he said.

In tandem with these advancements, Malta International Airport is poised to enhance its VIP offerings. The La Valette lounge at departures is set to undergo expansion to accommodate a growing number of members and one-time users, while the VIP Terminal will receive a comprehensive overhaul to provide guests with heightened privacy and convenience.

On his part Prime Minister Robert Abela said that. despite subsequent challenges, including the pandemic, the government preserved in its strategic decisions.

“Our country’s economic prowess continues to surprise even its closest observers.

“International institutions such as the IMF, the rating agencies, and the European Commission, and even the Central Bank of Malta were projecting our economy to grow by 4% this year,” he said.

Moreover he also remarked how the National Statistics Office estimates that growth for the third quarter of 2023 stood at 7.1%, up from 5.9% in the second quarter and 6.4% in the first quarter. This means that in the first three quarters of the year, our economy has grown by nearly 6.5%, or one and a half times the projections made by local and international experts, Abela said.

Commenting on the six-year, €250 million investment program discussed during the conference, he said that it is more than an expansion; it signifies a leap in quality, providing a premium experience to travellers.

Abela said that the investment program aligns with Malta's commitment to climate neutrality, doubling the airport's clean energy generation and significantly reducing energy consumption.

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