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AI risks contained via EP act, MEP says

Saturday, 24 February 2024, 09:51 Last update: about 3 months ago

With the Artificial Intelligence Act we managed for the first time to reduce the great risks artificial intelligence poses, risks that we didn't even know are with us, MEP Alex Agius Saliba said.

We introduced big safeguards where artificial intelligence presents a high risk for us as individuals, but also for our democracies and the values we embrace as Europeans, he said during public discussion on consumer rights held at the Europe House on Friday.


“The European continent is the first continent to succeed and today there are other countries like the US that are aiming to replicate what we have done,” he added, noting that

in his work at the European level, he has experienced how much work can be done impacting not only Europe, but also third countries, as Europe has shown with its work on AI, GDPR, and the Digital Services Act that safeguards people on digital platforms both as citizens and as consumers.

He described a whole range of work that he led as a Member of the European Parliament, and also a Vice-President in his political group (S&D).

“As a member of the Committee on Consumer Protection I pushed legislation in various fields. Following the battle for a common charger for digital devices, I insisted for better safeguards in online platforms, regulation of AI and the right to repair,” said MEP Agius Saliba. “I take a strong interest in matters in my native Malta, where I called for investigations in hidden increases in tariffs in mobile phone contracts and requested the Commission to investigate artificial inflation in food prices”.

MEP Alex Agius Saliba urged the use of the right of petition to the European Parliament, which anyone can easily access via an online form, and that can be filled in directly without the need for legal assistance, or payment. “The European Parliament also reimburses people to come and present their petitions in person”.

This public discussion was one of a series of events being organised by the European Parliament Office in Malta to inform and engage the public on the work of the European Parliament and of the Maltese MEPs as the current five-year term comes to an end this year.  This event was part of the EP’s initiative.
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