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Cocaine addiction was root to half of new drug cases in 2022, says annual report on drug use

Saturday, 24 February 2024, 09:53 Last update: about 3 months ago

According to the annual report on drug dependency for 2022, compiled by the National Addictions Advisory Board, cocaine addiction was the root cause behind half of all new cases.

The Board Coordinator, Manuel Gellel, stated that 1,927 people sought help in relation to drug abuse during this year – a figure that has remained constant in the last five years.

The recently published report highlighted that the biggest problem faced by this substance is the variant known as crack cocaine. Crack cocaine is the most addictive form of the substance and causes long-term problems onto its users.

This was one of the main conclusions that were drawn from this recently published annual report. Apart from being about drug use and drug dependence, this annual report also focused on monitoring as well as actions that could serve as guidance to victims of drug addiction.

These findings also told that in 2022 alone, 140 people were brought to the Courts on charges related to drug trafficking. Several others were brought before the tribunal after being found with drugs for personal use.

Social Policy Minister Michael Falzon (photo) said that our country is continuing to adopt a system that emphasizes treatment against addiction over taking criminal steps against those who have been caught in possession of drugs for personal use.

“The country offers good, long-term and free services to victims of drugs abuse”, Falzon said.

The Detox Centre also provided data on the distribution of syringes. They said that approximately 76,000 syringes were distributed in 2022, most of which were used for injecting heroin. In comparison to ten years prior (2012), this is a significant drop, as 2012 saw the distribution of half a million (500,000) syringes. Throughout 2022, around 900 people sought help for heroin addiction.

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