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European Parliament requests suspension of BA directive limiting reports regarding Metsola

Saturday, 20 April 2024, 06:47 Last update: about 3 months ago

The European Parliament Office in Malta has requested the Broadcasting Authority to suspend a directive it issued which effectively limits reports regarding its president Roberta Metsola.

In a letter to the BA, the European Parliament Office in Malta said it has been informed of a directive issued by the Broadcasting Authority (Directive 04/24).

The directive states in its 4th paragraph: "4 (IV) Any reporting or any information from the European Parliament or any report which has to do with the President of the European Parliament needs to be reported with caution. Any such reports should focus on the news value of the story and whether the issue is a current and topical one."


"In this regard, the European Parliament Office in Malta would like to request the immediate suspension of the Directive, to allow the Office in Malta to consult with the European Parliament Legal Service, in order to ensure that the rights of the institution in Malta are protected, as the Directive could impair the work of the media in covering the incoming European Elections," the letter said.

It is of essence to ensure that all EU citizens are provided with information on the importance and the stakes of these elections to come and that the role of its President in liaising with EU citizens, in all Member States, is ensured, the letter concluded.

The Nationalist Party condemned the directive, which it described as shameful and an attempt to stifle Metsola’s work.

No other European country has issued this type of regulation against the President of the European Parliament and the parliament itself.

The order given not to report on Metsola’s events was issued because she is Maltese, the PN contended. Metsola is honouring the country with her work and she deserves coverage and recognition. The fact that she is Maltese should make us proud and not the opposite, as the BA is saying, the PN said.

The BA decision goes against the democratic values of the country, and the PN called for its withdrawal that go against press freedom.

In other European countries, the EP President is invited to discuss the EP’s work. In Malta, she is being censored, the PN said,

The BA should never serve as support to whoever wants to block what is being done by Metsola as EP President, the PN said.

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