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Abela must take action instead of complaining about situation in construction sector - PN

Monday, 22 April 2024, 15:47 Last update: about 2 months ago

The Nationalist Party on Monday said that Prime Minister Robert Abela must take action instead of complain about the current situation around the construction sector in the country.

The PN was reacting to comments Abela made to the media on Monday, where he spoke about the implementation of the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry recommendations, as well as government reforms on the construction sector.


“The time for words has passed, and action needs to be taken now,” the PN said.

“Today, Abela finally woke up and told journalists that he is worried about the lack of resources for entities overseeing the construction sector. It seems he has forgotten that it is precisely his job to ensure these resources,” the PN said.

It said that it is ironic that the same Abela, who has the power and responsibility to make a difference, is now lamenting on a situation for which he himself is responsible, after being the one causing today’s situation.

“This is the same administration that was found responsible by the public inquiry into the tragic death of Jean Paul Sofia,” the PN said, adding that it is the same Prime Minister who did not want a public inquiry in the first place, but when he had nowhere else to turn, “he had to accept and act as though he apologised, then looks at who to blame.”

“Clearly, Abela has not learned anything. The Nationalist Party insists that immediate and effective action must be taken to protect workers and the public. Every passing day makes it clearer that this is a government without a plan,” the PN said.

The PN said that meanwhile, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech also spoke on the matter, saying that Abela needs to “stop playing with this sector and ensure that there is deserving and appropriate enforcement, instead of blaming everyone but himself.”

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