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Malta’s first electric racing car built and ready to compete internationally

Sunday, 19 May 2024, 10:40 Last update: about 29 days ago

Formula racing enthusiasts have a brand-new reason to revel in their pastime, as the manufacturing of the first-ever locally-manufactured electric racing car, the EV24, is now complete and the brand new vehicle is ready to compete internationally.

A group of 30 students from the University of Malta Racing Team, Malta’s only Formula Student team, were the minds behind this project, which is the team’s foray into electric vehicle construction.


The design process took off in July 2022, manufacturing unfolded as of exactly one year later, in July 2023, and in July 2024, the EV24 will compete at the IMechE Formula Student competition in Silverstone, UK.

But before the EV24 starts its journey beyond our shores, the car will be showcased at Esplora Interactive Science Centre on 18 and 19 May 2024, for the public to enjoy and admire.

What’s so unique about the EV24?

With a total mass of 235 Kg and boasting a maximum power output of 80 kW (107 HP), EV24 promises formidable performance on the track. Anticipating a swift acceleration from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 4 seconds, the EV24 is accompanied by impressive cornering capabilities of 1.6 g.

The power train comprises three key components: the motor, accumulator, and the differential.

Powering the EV24 is a Emrax 208 motor. The accumulator, a formidable assembly of 600x Murata VTC5A 18650 Li-Ion Cells, delivers a nominal voltage of 360 V, peaking at 420V, and offering a substantial 5.6 kWh capacity at nominal voltage. Ensuring optimal traction and control is the Limited Slip differential.

Complementing the powertrain, our suspension system is engineered for precision and agility. The TTX25 MkII dampers from Ohlins provide exceptional damping characteristics, enhancing stability and responsiveness on the track. Meanwhile, the lightweight Magnesium rims elevate both performance and efficiency.

About the UM Racing Team

UM Racing is the only Formula Student team found in Malta. As a team, its members design, obtain funding and build a Formula-style car according to the Formula Student rules.

The racing team opens up a lot of opportunities for those who wish to work in motor sport in the future, but other than just gathering skills in a work-like environment through the implementation of the theory learnt during university lectures, it gives students an opportunity to have fun in the process.

Contrary to popular belief, and although it is housed within the Faculty of Engineering, the UM racing team welcomes all students, no matter what faculty they are from. In fact, current members hail from the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy, and the Faculty of Science.

The same racing team has already competed internationally seven times with four different race cars.

Speaking at the launch of EV24 which took place at Esplora Interactive Science Centre on the evening of 17 May 2024, Secretary General of the UM Racing Team, Nathaniel Scerri, said “the decision to go green, or in the Formula E direction, is one that follows trends across the world. All of us do this work on a voluntary basis, and we do this out of passion, so the fact that we are here today means a lot to all of us. Thank you all for your support.”

Olaf McKay, Esplora's Senior Director said that "EV24 is a vivid and clear example of the results that can be achieved when a team sharing one and the same vision applies STEM subjects to practice." McKay remarked that "I am convinced that the brilliant researchers, students, scientists and engineers who were involved in this project reached their ultimate goal with much perseverance and dedication, hundreds of hours of research, along with in-depth knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics."

UM’s Pro-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer, Prof. Ing. Simon Fabri, augured the multidisciplinary team the best of luck, saying that any result obtained would be a testament to their commitment to excellence.

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