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Bernard Grech says non-PN votes will be ‘wasted and lost’

Kyle Patrick Camilleri Tuesday, 21 May 2024, 20:48 Last update: about 26 days ago

As Bernard Grech was addressing residents from Gżira, Floriana, and Santa Luċija as part of the campaign for the upcoming local council and European Parliament elections, the PN leader said that "every vote that doesn't go to PN candidates is wasted and lost."

During his call for people to collect their voting documents and vote for the Nationalist Party, Grech stated that non-PN votes should not be considered since votes to non-PN candidates "will only favour Robert Abela's hand to keep doing what he likes, to keep ignoring you, to keep setting you aside, and to keep walking over you."


He continued that the Nationalist Party has Maltese and Gozitans in mind because they want to work for them, while those from the Labour Party "are thinking to see what they can take from you."

While in Santa Luċija, Bernard Grech said that his party hopes for better governance in the country at a national level, saying that PL, in contrast, "clearly would prefer living in corruption."

Using the Vitals magisterial inquiry as an example of this, Grech said that through Robert Abela's leadership, the Labour Party has chosen to defend its past officials that are being criminally charged with fraud for stealing from the Maltese and Gozitan people. He also said that Abela lied about opening the arbitration process with Vitals-Steward, as confirmed by both the State Advocate and Steward Health Care, since the latter opened the process with the government.

Addressing the residents of each locality he visited tonight, Grech said that the Nationalist Party is focused and has plans ready to work at both the national level and the locality level. He said that while his party has a general plan for the local council level across Malta and Gozo, the PN has also devised unique plans for each and every locality.

Explaining part of PN's plan for Gżira, Grech said that PN wants to strengthen security in the locality, tackle traffic issues, ensure parking for Gżira's residents, work to have cleaner roads through more regular maintenance, guarantee that Ġnien il-Kunsill tal-Ewropa remains a green lung for the town, and see that apartment tenants (short-term tenants and long-term tenants) observe rules better to respect their blocks and the rest of the locality.

Moving to Floriana, Grech said that PN's team for the historic town are focused on making it a better locality, namely by regenerating its historic buildings, addressing issues pertaining to traffic and the environment, and by beautifying its gardens and adding more modern facilities to them. He said that the latter point holds a particular focus towards the gardens placed on top of the inner bastions.

Stating that Floriana's plan is for everyone on the Maltese islands, not just its residents, Grech said that his party wishes to give Jubilee Grove the honour of being a national park.

Sharing PN's plan for Santa Luċija, the Nationalist Party leader said that PN made a lot of strides in the locality with just one councillor during this past term. He thus called upon people to vote for PN's field of candidates, stating that they can do so much more with another councillor added into its local council.

He pledged that if elected to its local council, the Nationalist candidates will work to improve accessibility in the town - for its streets as well as its pavements for people who require wheelchairs and prams. Furthermore, part of Santa Luċija's plan is centred around youths and providing them with better educational and sporting facilities around the locality.

Bernard Grech concluded his visits by telling viewers that his party "can do so much more in your locality, where we have a majority," that it can do much better in localities where PN does not hold a majority, and that it can do so much better in localities where it cannot achieve a majority but can elect more people to the local council.

Grech also told voters to vote for PN's candidates in the European Parliament elections, also on 8 June, because its candidates want to work for the Maltese and Gozitan people.



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