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PN leader accuses PM of withholding hospitals inquiry to conceal involvement

Monday, 27 May 2024, 11:57 Last update: about 19 days ago


PN Leader Bernard Grech accused Prime Minister Robert Abela of not wanting the Vitals magisterial inquiry to be published because it shows he is an accomplice.

Following the publication of the magisterial inquiry by MaltaToday, the PN went to court on Monday morning to present the publication as evidence it its case to recoup the €400 million that were paid out to the private companies running three hospitals, first Vitals and later Steward.

The PN’s request was objected to by the Prime Minister, Grech said when addressing journalists outside the courts on Monday.

Grech said that despite having the public inquiry in hand for the past two weeks and being vocally in favour of its publication, following yesterday’s revelations, it is clear that Robert Abela was informed in 2021 that this deal was fraudulent and yet he continued giving millions of euros to Steward.

The PN Leader said that when the PN presented this publication in court, it was met with a strong objection by Abela, who also “resorted to shouting” in court.

"He does not want this inquiry to end up in the hands of the judge because Robert Abela does not want the court to judge with all the facts in hand," said Grech.

Grech noted that this was the second attempt by Abela to prevent the court from accessing the document. The first time, the Prime Minister used the Advocate General’s authority to prevent the registrar of the courts from presenting the inquiry.

"It is clear that Robert Abela knows the level of his complicity," said Grech.

He continued that these actions reveal the Prime Minister’s alarming behaviour and described him as "acting in a very hazardous manner". He said that these actions make Abela look like a "desperate Prime Minister" and he is behaving "erratically".

Answering questions from journalists, Grech said the PN will continue to press for the €400 million to be returned. He mentioned that despite the PN filing a judicial protest in court around two years ago, the government continued to give money to Steward despite Abela being warned about the fraudulent deal back in 2021.

He noted that the government not only continued to vote against the PN’s motion but also continued funding this deal, despite knowing it was fraudulent. Sunday's revelations by MaltaToday, which included details of confirmed emails, make Abela’s complicity clearer, said the PN leader.

On Monday morning, the court also noted the dysfunction within the country’s institutions.

"If this country does not have enough operations or systems to function, it is clear that it has a problem," said Grech.


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