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PM is ‘begging’ for the way forward ‘to get us out of this dark time’ - Grech

Andrea Caruana Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 20:30 Last update: about 25 days ago

The Prime Minister is begging for the way forward and a way to get out of this dark time they got us into, Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said on Tuesday

Grech spoke on Tuesday evening, the day former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, former Minister Konrad Mizzi and Muscat's former Chief of Staff were charged in court over the hospitals scandal.

Grech said that on Tuesday, unbelievable scenes were shown that had never occurred before in the country. He said that there wasn't an 'outing' to Valletta, rather an ex-PM, an ex-Minister and an ex-Chief of Staff, the "triumvirate" who had everything in their hand, facing serious criminal accusations.


Grech pointed out scenes of journalists being insulted and being treated badly, yet said it is not the fault of the supporters present, rather of those who instigated them and "injected them with venom" against those who want democracy.

Grech said that Tuesday, Joseph Muscat was in the bench of the accused facing a "wall" of evidence confirming the scam and theft off the people's healthcare, no matter their party or lack thereof. He added that the charges were not written by Daphne Caruana Galizia nor Repubblika, but in the name of the Maltese Republic.

Grech said he would have preferred if this day never came, not because he doesn't want justice, but rather that the accused never did their alleged crimes and worked only for Malta. He added that they had a roadmap written out, before they were in power, to snatch the people's assets.

He said that the police commissioner remains silent because he did exactly what the Prime Minister told him, that is, nothing. Grech said that despite their pressure and their meeting with Gafa', who told them that there was no independent investigation underway, he went on to call them liars.

Grech said, however, an inspector confirmed in the courts on Tuesday, that the police did not indeed carry out an independent investigation. And yet, he said, if one makes a genuine bureaucratic mistake they are taken to court like the worst of criminals. He said that they would do this to those who are not part of the mafia that grips the country.

Grech said, "the spider is very widely spread".

He appealed to Gafa', "the hand of justice reaches everyone, your duty is to the people and the country. Stop serving those who control you after they gave you that position."

He said that he has no pleasure in saying all this and went on to address all the Labourites saying that it is not their fault, because they believed and even kept on believing in Joseph Muscat's winds of change and in the promises of meritocracy and transparency.

He said that Muscat did bring an earthquake, as all the institutions are now under the government, such as the national broadcasting station who the BA issued an order to mention Roberta Metsola as least as possible. He added meanwhile on ONE they are broadcasting a casual reality show on the MEPs.

He questioned how Robert Abela is not "repenting" since he was in Cabinet during Muscat's time before going on to become Prime Minister in 2020 to ensure the deal goes on. He said that proof of this can be found in 2017 during the snap election with the owners of VGH knowing of the election before anyone else, including the president, he said. Grech added that "coincidentally," Abela's first meeting as a prime minister was with the concessionnaire with Muscat as a consultant.

Grech pointed out how Muscat didn't spare the magistrate any expense in order to find his passwords which he refused to give.

With reference to Abela's 'trap', Grech said that he had referred to the police commissioner 6 days after telling Abela to file a report with the police if that is what he believed. He said that even the police commissioner didn't believe him, so much so, that no barriers were erected on Tuesday. He added that the Prime Minister himself creates traps and provocation, mentioning the incident during the Jean Paul Sofia public inquiry protest, when he came outside "to cause trouble."

Grech said that the Prime Minister is playing with fire and his duty is to Malta. He told Abela to stop feeding the people lies, such as the magistrate taking long. He cited the inquiring magistrate who said, "Department after department...obstructed the investigation" and had to order searches and confiscation of documents. Grech added that Robert Abela was responsible for these obstacles to justice and tried to make it impossible to find the truth on the hospital concessions.

Grech said that this behaviour needs to be stopped by the vote on the 8th of June.

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