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Abela appeals for people to pick up their voting documents

Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 20:17 Last update: about 24 days ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela, during a political rally in Luqa on Wednesday, appealed to voters to pick up their voting documents.

He said that on Wednesday the first results of economic growth for the year emerged. He said that economic growth is the point of departure to invest in infrastructure, education and the environment. The economy grew by 4.6% in the first three months he said, describing it as phenomenal.

Abela said that around Europe there is a storm, yet Malta keeps moving forward thanks to the PL electoral manifesto which acts as a plan. "As long as we remain united, nothing will stop us from implementing all the manifesto. The establishment can try and create trouble. They can take me and my friends in Cabinet to court. I was clear two years ago and said that if you gave me my first mandate, I will stop at nothing to implement what I promised fully. When I give my word I won't go back on it."


He said, however, that as firm as his determination is, "without you behind me I am nothing. The power lies with you. That is the basis for democracy that I believe in."

He said that 'the establishment' never understood this, saying they believe they have a divine right to power.

Abela said that the achievements of the country, "are your achievements. The strength lies within you."

"Remember how our forefathers fought for the right to vote."

"Keep the power in your hands. We were the party that fought for the power to belong to the people."

Abela spoke about the 8 June elections. "Every election is important, every vote is crucial. Every time a vote isn't picked up, in reality it is like the establishment got it, those who want to use apathy to, on the 8th of June, say that they won."

"They don't believe that you have the right to command how this country is run."

Abela appealed to those who have not picked up their vote. "I appeal to the thousands who have not picked up their vote. Your silence will not bring you satisfaction," he said. "To get satisfaction come and talk to me, to candidates, MPs, Ministers."

"Our duty is to listen to you, to solve your problems, help us help you."

He later in his speech said that voters have strength. "With what you decide, you will decide whether Malta will push for a Europe of peace and not a Europe of war."

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