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Agreement signed the ensure safeguarding of Floriana Granaries before and after events

Wednesday, 29 May 2024, 15:57 Last update: about 24 days ago

Minister for National Heritage Owen Bonnici and Minister for Lands Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi presided over the signing of an agreement aimed to strengthen the protection and maintenance of the Granaries in Floriana.

This agreement was made between the Department of Restoration and Preservation, the Lands Authority and the Floriana Local Council.

Bonnici explained how the Granaries cover an area of nearly 10,000 sqm and for this reason were always used for mass events. He said, "Whilst we, as a government, are pleased to see activities being put up that attract crowds, especially when they are artistic, we are also conscious of the need to avoid the possibility of damage to the Granaries. For this reason, even following meetings with the Floriana Local Council, the need to better safeguard this historical site was recognized."


Bonnici said that this agreement will ensure that whilst the space will keep being used as it was previously, necessary safeguards will be in place to avoid damages. He explained that an exercise will be carried out by the Department of Restoration and Preservation to gather information on the present condition of the Granaries which will then serve as the basis for inspections that will be carried out before and after every event planned there.  

Zrinzo Azzopardi explained how this agreement will be carried out through a collaboration between the Department of Restoration and Preservation, the Lands Authority and the Floriana Local Council in order to better look after the historical piazza.

"This agreement will keep on strengthening processes that are already used so that there will be better care of this government space when it is used for public events. This is proof of the realization of a closer collaboration between the Lands Authority and the Floriana Local Council and I look forward to create collaborations similar to this one for the better care of public spaces that host mass events and shows," Zrinzo Azzopardi said.


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