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Customer success story: How iMovo improved Meeting Point International’s data-driven decision making

Thursday, 6 June 2024, 10:04 Last update: about 7 days ago

A glimpse into Meeting Point International: Meeting Point International is a premier destination management company based in the Bavarian capital of Munich, Germany, operating in 40 destinations across 18 countries with over 450 partners.

In today's competitive business landscape, data-driven decision-making is crucial for staying ahead. However, Meeting Point International faced significant challenges in managing their data effectively, needing a solution to enable quick and effortless data-driven decision-making for both daily operations and long-term strategic planning.


The challenge: Unstructured Data and Reporting Difficulties

Meeting Point International faced significant challenges in managing multiple core systems filled with unstructured data, which hindered their ability to generate accurate and timely reports. This lack of a streamlined reporting process hampered their ability to make well-informed, data-driven decisions. As a result, Meeting Point International sought out to initiate a process to facilitate efficient data-driven decision-making for both daily operations and long-term strategic planning.


The solution: Discovering iMovo: Meeting Point International first heard about iMovo's services through their colleagues, who initiated their journey to streamline data management and reporting.

Intrigued by the positive feedback and reputation, they decided to evaluate iMovo as a potential solution provider. During the evaluation process, Meeting Point International considered factors such as price versus scope of work and past experiences with similar projects, which were paramount in evaluating different options. iMovo's competitive pricing, extensive experience, and successful track record stood out among the competitors to which Meeting Point International found that iMovo's solution aligned well with their budget and expectations.


The decision-making process: Identifying the best partner: After carefully evaluating the important aspects, Meeting Point International concluded that iMovo's solution was the best fit for their data management needs and embarked on the implementation process. iMovo was identified as a trusted partner capable of delivering the desired outcomes. The decision-making process involved multiple team members from Meeting Point International and iMovo, ensuring that all perspectives were considered.


Implementation and timeframe: A journey of 12 months:  The implementation process took approximately 12 months to get up and running. While Meeting Point International had high expectations, there were some delays from their side, which affected the timeline. Despite the unforeseen challenges, iMovo remained approachable and dedicated to delivering a well-functioning reporting system.


Benefits Realized: Structured Approach and Data Visualisation

Since partnering with iMovo, Meeting Point International has experienced numerous benefits. The most significant advantage is the adoption of a structured approach to data management. Users now have a streamlined process for producing reports and visualising data across multiple destinations. Instead of spending valuable time analysing spreadsheets and big data, Meeting Point International can access data and visuals with ease, saving time and increasing productivity.


The Key Aspect of Power BI Visuals:

One aspect of iMovo's services that Meeting Point International relies on heavily is Power BI visuals as it plays a crucial role in enhancing data visualisation and reporting capabilities. Power BI is a powerful business analytics tool that provides interactive visualisations and business intelligence capabilities. Meeting Point International leverages Power BI visuals to gain deeper insights from their data, enabling them to make more informed decisions.


User Adoption: From Headquarters to Local Entities

The usage of iMovo's services extends across various levels of Meeting Point International's organisation. Colleagues at the headquarters and local entities benefit from the streamlined reporting system, allowing for better collaboration and data-driven decision making. The widespread adoption of iMovo's solution maximises the value derived from the investment.


Enhancing Competitive Advantage: Unlocking the Potential

Thanks to iMovo's solution, it is evident that having a well-functioning reporting system and easy access to data and visuals provides them with valuable edge. The ability to quickly analyse and interpret data allows Meeting Point International to respond swiftly to market changes and make informed decisions, ultimately positioning themselves as a leader in the travel industry. iMovo's solution has helped Meeting Point International save valuable time and increase productivity by providing easier access to data and visuals, eliminating the need to manually analyse spreadsheets and large datasheets.


Testimonial: iMovo's Dedication and Potential for Improvement

Meeting Point International's experience working with iMovo has been highly positive. They praise iMovo for their approachability and dedication throughout the entire duration of the project. Despite the unforeseen challenges, iMovo successfully delivered a well-functioning reporting system with vas potential for further improvement. Meeting Point International appreciates iMovo's commitment to their success and looks forward to continuing their partnership in the future.

"iMovo has been very approachable throughout the project, and despite unforeseen challenges, helped deliver a well-functioning reporting system with a lot of potential for further improvement down the line," stated Meeting Point International.

Meeting Point International's partnership with iMovo has overcame their challenges and transformed their data management and reporting processes, enabling them to stay ahead in the highly competitive travel agency industry. The implementation of iMovo's solution brought about a structured approach to data management, enabling the production of reports and visualisation of data across multiple destinations. With iMovo's support, Meeting Point International has unlocked the potential advantages in the travel agency industry. Through streamlined data access and powerful visualizations, Meeting Point International continues to thrive and make more informed decisions for the future.




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