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European Elections on 8 June: ‘Use Your Vote’ video reaches 504 million views

Thursday, 6 June 2024, 17:31 Last update: about 10 days ago

With two days to  go to the European elections in Malta on 8 June and taking place in other EU countries from today to Sunday, the ‘Use your vote’ video, highlighting the importance of voting and safeguarding democracy, has been viewed more than 504 million times.


The video has been shown all around the EU including in Malta on the media, in cinemas, at bus-stops, the airport, and social media, aired on radio, and discussed in the many events held by the European Parliament Office in Malta and partners, with young people, stakeholders, volunteers, the media, and content creators among others.

The ‘Use Your Vote’ video is the centrepiece of the European Parliament’s election campaign and delivers a powerful message about the importance of voting. Featuring heartfelt testimonies from senior citizens across the EU, it highlights the necessity of voting to safeguard democracy, that was hard won and should never be taken for granted,

The video, available in multiple formats – including a 4-minute documentary and shorter clips – has been extensively broadcast and continues to engage millions on TV, social media, video streaming platforms, and connected TV, in cinemas, and even at football stadiums. The pro-EU message has flying high on aeroplanes, and visible on buses, in metro stations, on products, and in volunteer led-activities including in Malta.
Sakharov Prize Laureates and sports stars have also supported the Use Your Vote campaign and called on Europeans to vote and defend democracy.

Engaging events in Malta leading up to election day

In the lead-up to the elections, the European Parliament Office in Malta has organised several events in support of community engagement and voter turnout:

23 May: Spitzenkandidaten debate at Europe House

The European Broadcasting Union, in collaboration with the European Parliament, hosted the Eurovision debate with the lead candidates for the Presidency of the European Commission. This event was broadcast live from Brussels, on the media and to live audiences in Valletta’s Europe House. Participants followed the debate fully and engaged afterwards in discussions stressing the importance of being more aware of Europe-wide perspectives.

29 May: Young European Ambassadors’ event

Held at Europe House in Valletta, the volunteer-led Young European Ambassadors’ event brought together young leaders and volunteers from the Erasmus Student Network Malta to amplify youth voices in the decision-making process.

“"When leaders rule for the well-being of future generations, they also rule for the well-being of the present generation,” said Pablo Lorenzo who organised the event in cooperation with the EP’s volunteer platform.

31 May: Changemakers Event

Pan-European project Changemakers for European Democracy was active in Malta with youth organisation TDM 2000 Malta hosting a European Parliament Simulation Game, at Europe House in Valletta. This event included detailed discussions on the upcoming elections and a simulation of parliamentary proceedings. Changemakers aims to bring about change in European policy based on the action of civil society actors.

4 June: Theatre Piece and Content Creators Night

An evening of theatre, discussion, and exclusive insights into the European Parliament Office's role in the elections was held at Europe House on Tuesday. The event featured Youropean a thought-provoking performance by Marco Calleja and Lara Agius of Hoi Polloi and provided a platform for influencers and content creators to engage with EU and discuss the EP’s elections’ spot urging people to “use your vote”.

This video “reminds us how lucky and privileged we are to have a vote,” said radio presenter and content creator Taryn Mamo Cefai.  

Throughout these days and weeks, election-related discussions, civil society and volunteer-led events, Europe Direct centres’ actions, and media and social media actions, were also very visible in public and online with the support of the European Parliament.

Use your vote on 8 June

“The European Parliament Office in Malta urges all citizens eligible to vote to participate in the elections on 8 June. By voting, you ensure your voice is heard in shaping the direction Europe takes in the next five years, that will impact us here in Malta and around the EU,” said the Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Malta Mario Sammut.


You can watch the video here

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