The Malta Independent 13 June 2024, Thursday
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Why Labour hates Casa

Kevin Cassar Sunday, 9 June 2024, 08:38 Last update: about 5 days ago

A woman approached David Casa, spat in his face and unleashed the most foul tirade of violent threats.

Why is Labour so obsessed with Casa? What drives Labour’s visceral hatred of the man? Why is Labour so determined to demonise Casa?  For the same reason they still hate Daphne - he speaks the truth, he uncovers the truth. Like Daphne, Casa helped trigger the unravelling of the meticulously woven plan to loot the nation.

Casa diligently, systematically exposed Labour’s roadmap to dupe the very electorate that gave it its trust. Casa was key to revealing Labour’s plans behind Vitals, Electrogas, Mozura, 17-Black, the LNG Tanker.  Casa boldly struggled against Labour’s vicious powerful propaganda machine to hold Joseph Muscat, Keith Schembri and Konrad Mizzi to account. He’s still toiling away against Labour’s devious efforts to conceal the squalid sleaze, the rampant money laundering, the complex secret offshore financial structures, and the rabid greed some of which the Vitals inquiry uncovered.

In April 2018, Casa presented Magistrate Doreen Clarke a 109 page FIAU report about Konrad Mizzi’s secret offshore companies. It concluded that “the information available to the FIAU is deemed to be sufficient to conclude that a reasonable suspicion of money laundering and/or the existence of proceeds of crime subsists”. It recommended the report be transmitted to the Police in terms of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act for the police to act against Mizzi.

That report also referred to  another “report submitted to the Malta Police dated 7 April, 2016 bearing reference 474759/16” about Mizzi’s suspicious actions, including Nexia BT’s communication with Mossack Fonseca to set up his secret complex financial structures. That’s over 8 years ago - and our police have still done nothing.

That FIAU report documented the shocking brazenness of Labour’s star candidate.  But it also more.

That report exposed how 1.4 million dollars moved into 17-Black in November 2015 from a Seychelles company, Mayor Trans, owned by an obscure Azerbaijani national, through a Latvian bank, ABLV, that was later shut down because of its outrageous money laundering violations.

It revealed how 200,000 dollars were paid into 17-Black from Orion Engineering.

Nobody knew then that 17-Black, the secret Dubai company, belonged to Yorgen Fenech, Electrogas power station director and Joseph Muscat’s friend. The only thing known about 17-Black was that it was one of two “target clients” that would pay millions into Mizzi’s and Schembri’s secret Panama companies.

Casa’s submission of the leaked FIAU report to the Magistrate struck terror into Labour’s leadership.  Panic really struck when Casa published that FIAU report in July 2018.

Muscat, Mizzi and Schembri went berserk. It wasn’t clear at the time why Labour’s reaction was so extreme.  Within two hours of the report’s publication, the Labour government mobilised the state’s machine to destroy David Casa. “The document appears to be a collection of conjectures, in large parts based on speculative reports published in Daphne Caruana Galizia’s blog and other local newspapers,” the Ministry deviously declared.

“It is revealing that the various chapters of the draft report tally with sequential attacks against Minister Konrad Mizzi and this lends credence to the view that the document was drafted to be leaked”, that ministerial statement read.  Mizzi lost his head. The ministerial statement descended into partisan mudslinging: “Building on the Egrant lies that he and Simon Busuttil professed, Mr Casa persists in his vile mission to tarnish the reputation of his political opponents through further unsubstantiated allegations.  A detailed inquiry report by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja confirming that Minister Mizzi was not involved in corruption, money laundering or suspicious financial transactions are a solid rejection of Mr Casa’s baseless allegations”. Konrad Mizzi shamelessly used the state apparatus by launching a hostile assault on Casa.

The FIAU, another state institution, swung into action, not to protect the national interest but to demolish David Casa and to protect those who now stand in the dock.  The FIAU threatened Casa with prosecution.  It demanded action be taken against him using hostile rhetoric intended to intimidate: “Mr Casa’s position as an MEP does not place him above the law and the FIAU will demand that action is taken”.

The FIAU accused Casa of “handling stolen sensitive information” and of “protecting people who have carried out criminal acts and is using information which the FIAU has obtained for his own political mileage”.  It denounced Casa as “a possible accomplice in the leaking of information from FIAU in violation of the law and in the handling of stolen property”. 

The FIAU falsely declared that the document Casa released “is not an FIAU report and nor is it a faithful reproduction of any FIAU document”. The FIAU, a supposedly apolitical institution, was being used by Muscat, Mizzi and Schembri to conceal their shocking betrayal of the nation’s trust. They were terrified their game was up.  It was only a matter of time before the whole truth would emerge.

Casa had to be destroyed, just like Daphne was.  His credibility had to be demolished.  Casa became Labour’s new arch enemy.  Labour threw everything at him - ridicule, abuse, lies, threats, intimidation and relentless persecution.

Casa was right all along.  Everybody knows Mizzi and Schembri were up to no good. The US State department banned them and their families from the US because of “their involvement in significant corruption”.  Even Labour banished them. 

Labour should accept that Muscat oversaw Mizzi’s and Schembri’s doings and that Casa was right about him too. Instead Robert Abela keeps defending him, dragging himself, his party and the country deeper into the muck.  He claimed “Muscat’s situation is different”. No, it’s not - they’re all in the dock together facing the same accusations.

Labour knows there’s far more Casa will expose. Vitals is just the start - there’s still Electrogas, Mozura, 17-Black and so much more of Muscat’s despicable schemes. By recklessly persisting with its vicious incitement against Casa to protect Muscat, Labour acts like passengers on the Titanic rooting for the iceberg. Muscat is that iceberg, and it’s going to drown them much faster than they can imagine.

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