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Bernard Grech ‘very satisfied’ with reduced voter gap, says results ‘best survey in months’

Kyle Patrick Camilleri Sunday, 9 June 2024, 12:58 Last update: about 3 days ago

Nationalist Leader Bernard Grech stated Sunday that he is “very satisfied” with the indications on the gap between the two major parties in the European Parliament elections.

Soon after the Labour Party declared victory, the Nationalist Party announced that the gap between the two major parties is the least it has ever been in the history of European Parliament elections – PN’s indications show that the gap sits at approximately 15,000 votes.

“This is the only survey that counts,” Bernard Grech stated on the party media. He also highlighted that the party has reduced the gap to less than a third of what was suffered in 2019.

The Opposition leader was pleased that “this was the best survey that has emerged in the past few months” and that his party is happy that its election campaign has reduced the gap to this extent.

These indications would mean PN’s best ever result against the Labour Party in European Parliament elections, Grech said, adding that “the people not only want a better country, but are realizing that PN can provide better leadership too.”

He also added that this voter gap of 15,000 could, in reality, be even less than that, according to his party’s indications.

Grech said that this has come in light of the government using millions of euros “to try and influence this result”, noting that some influence may have been in place. The government has been accused of using its power on incumbency to sway influence in its favour. However, he said that “the Maltese people want serious leadership – one with calmness and not a lot of euphoria.”

He continued that these early results are a message to “people who think they can be arrogant” or act the way they did with Isabelle Bonnici, following the death of her son, Jean Paul Sofia. Grech told viewers that this government could act a similar way to them through other circumstances, not necessarily of this exact nature.

He called for his party to continue staying close to the people and for people to talk to party members, including him.

Grech also spoke about “Labour’s spin” that “PN wants war.” He called for people to appreciate that this spin was done so the Labour Party can “try and remain in government to keep doing what it wants.”

After thanking the hard work of all his candidates, party members, and volunteers, Grech said that he wants to continue talking about how to improve people’s lives, referencing that the Nationalist Party aims to do so through good governance, better healthcare, and by instilling hope that the Maltese islands can move forward to have the reputation that the Maltese people deserve.

Grech says that result is very positive, confident that the PN will achieve third seat

Speaking later in Naxxar, Grech said that “the Maltese and Gozitan people won today.”

Grech said that the people have made it clear that the PL’s policies in the way it conducts its politics do not work. He said that the people no longer want the country to be condemned by this style of politics and that there is a push for the country to get the leadership that it deserves.

The Opposition Leader said that he feels very proud and satisfied with the work that the PN has done, and remarked that the result today gives the opposition a platform to continue seriously working towards its plans for the country.

He continued that the country needs serious and factual politics, not politics that speaks through PR statements and the people’s money. He added that the path for the PN moving forward is clear and that he believes in politics of respect.

“The result is very positive,” Grech remarked, continuing that the PN is confident that it will be receiving a third seat in the European Parliament, although he said that this cannot be determined until further votes are adjudicated.

As it stands, independent candidate Arnold Cassola finds himself third in first count votes, behind PN and PL candidates Roberta Metsola and Alex Agius Saliba, though whether or not he finds himself achieving one of Malta’s 6 MEP seats depends on how the votes are distributed following the first count.

Grech remarked that he would like to recognise and thank journalists for working to deliver the truth to the people, “because it is through the truth that the country can be freed”. He concluded that the PN wants to hear people’s stories.

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