The Malta Independent 13 June 2024, Thursday
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PM Abela speaks of people’s wish to have ‘authentic’ and ‘responsible’ politics

Sunday, 9 June 2024, 16:15 Last update: about 4 days ago

Prime Minister Robert Abela said that one of the main messages voters have sent to his Labour Party through today’s electoral results is that the country wants authentic and responsible politicians.

Abela was addressing a crowd of Labour supporters who gathered in front of the party headquarters on Sunday afternoon, following the party's victory in the European Parliament election.

Unlike other occasions, Abela addressed the crown from a stage, rather than from the party's main balcony. His address lasted a few minutes, and soon afterwards the crowd - not as big as on other occasions - quickly fizzled out.

Abela thanked supporters and said that through the number of votes attained, the Labour Party has received several messages from the people.

Abela told supporters that the Labour Party shall be receiving these messages with “great humility.”

One of the main messages sent towards PL’s direction, according to the Prime Minister, was “for this country to have authentic politicians that perform responsible politics.”

Other messages it received were to be more sensitive to people’s issues and to keep listening in this regard, he said.

Abela thanked supporters for their votes after this electoral campaign and pledged that he and his team shall continue to work in peoples’ interests, “through more work and reforms,” referencing youth issues and pensions for the elderly as examples.

He also referenced the Labour government’s action in light of the external shocks experienced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine. 

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