23 September 2014

PBS Requests Claudette Pace replacement

 - Wednesday, 19 September 2012, 00:00

The Public Broadcasting Services has asked the production house that produces the television programme Sellili to find another host for the popular television show commencing on 1 October, since presenter Claudette Pace will be a candidate at the forthcoming general election.

On Monday, the Nationalist Party announced that Ms Pace will be contesting the general election on its ticket.

In a counter-statement, Ms Pace said that while she fully understood the constraints under which PBS had to operate, she was “disappointed that her 17-year career as a broadcasting professional has been prejudiced in this way”.

Ms Pace announced that she will be taking legal advice as to the “protection of her right to continue to earn a living irrespective of her political activities, especially with regard to the possibility of discrimination having been exercised towards her, as she is aware that many individuals had in the past been allowed to participate in programmes without the sort of limitations that have been imposed on her”.

The presenter remarked that she is proud to form part of the Nationalist Party family and that she will do her “utmost to see the party elected to government again in order to continue its excellent service to the country and its citizens”.

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