21 September 2014

MIA reports scam email to police

 - Tuesday, 12 November 2013, 18:49

A scam email is being circulated using the name of Malta International Airport plc, MIA said this evening.

The email claims an ATM card worth $6.5 million is available for delivery upon contacting the Federal Ministry of Finance in Nigeria.  

This request is false and MIA disassociates itself from the email.   

MIA has no relation to the Federal Ministry of Finance in Nigeria.  

The matter has also been reported to the police’s cybercrime unit.   

Recipients should ignore and delete these emails, MIA said.

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Joe Martinelli says:
13 November 2013 13:50

That's no fake e-mail.

The amount seems authentic since it appears to be the fee required to buy the equivalent of 7.4 Maltese citizenships @ €650,000 a piece depending on the rate of exchange, US$ to € !
But then it could be 10 passports since 'discounts' for multiple purchases may apply!

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