02 October 2014

Debate on party financing bill will not beconcluded in Parliament before summer recess

 - Thursday, 17 July 2014, 21:06

The party financing bill will not pass before Parliament rises for the summer recess, it was announced in the House last night.

Government whip Carmelo Abela said today that Parliament will meeting again on Friday morning to conclude the debate on the Enemalta bill, which is expected to be concluded by noon when a vote will be taken.

Parliament will then adjourn to Monday, when the party financing bill will be discussed. But the debate will not be concluded next week, but will be adjourned till when the House resumes its sittings after the summer recess, in late September or early October.

The House will meet again on Tuesday and then on Friday 25 July, when it will then rise for the summer break.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Justice Minister Owen Bonnici had said that the party financing bill would have been debated and voted upon in Parliament before the summer recess.

But the latest developments - including the proposition made by the Nationalist Party for a working committee to discuss party financing by the State before the actual parliamentary debate - seems to have pushed the government's agenda back.

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Joe Martinelli says:
18 July 2014 13:39

What happened to August sittings?
Another hollow threat by Jo-Jo?
Has Jo-Jo accepted the Opposition's 'negative' suggestion?
Dangerous bully, and the half wits do not realize, or are purposely blind to the blatant abuse of power by the government they elected.
Stuck hopelessly for another three and a half years.... maybe.

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