The Malta Independent 26 September 2018, Wednesday

More female representation in parliament is next step for true independence – PL women group

Thursday, 21 September 2017, 15:41 Last update: about 2 years ago

The true next step which the country now needs to take to be completely independent is to have a greater female representation in the country’s highest institutions, the Labour Party women’s group said in a statement.

It noted how since 1947 until this day, the female representation in parliament never exceeded the 10%.

“In this particular matter, not a lot has changed in 70 years,” the group said.


Only eight women were elected after the first count in the last 70 years and OSCE research still puts Malta at the very bottom of female participation.

“Before this reality, we call on the government to proceed with the plan to address this problem. We also note with satisfaction the Prime Minister’s approach in this regard.”

The group then noted how the new PN leader believes that there is no need for the Labour Party initiative for more women in politics.


“Women are not a political convenience,” the group concluded.

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