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Prime Minister refers only indirectly to Daphne Project and jeering by crowd

Noel Grima Sunday, 22 April 2018, 10:52 Last update: about 10 months ago

Having spent the better part of the week in London for the CHOGM, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was on Sunday having a relaxed day when he answered questions on One Radio for the Sunday political message.

He actually apologised for some background noise and explained he was at a children's sports contest, otherwise described as a family do.

He only referred indirectly to the spate of stories by the Daphne Project people on the principal papers of the world. Nor did he refer to the novel and undoubtedly bad experience of being jeered by a small crowd as he and his wife entered for a gala dinner by Henley & Partners on Saturday.


On his Facebook page, he only uploaded a photo of himself eating next to the Queen.

In his interview to Radio One, Dr Muscat appealed for tranquillity. He said he received many messages of support and repeated "Don't be worried and look ahead".

As for himself he will always do what is good for the country. All Maltese must support the institutions.

He pointed out that those who first condemn and then ask for an investigation are doing things the other way round to what they should be doing.

His appeal was to let the investigations take place and only then one can draw conclusions. And the best reply will be on 1 May at the Labour Party mass meeting outside Valletta.

Sandro Kraus, one of the interviewers, linked this subject to the IVF debate in the country about which Dr Muscat was speaking in the first part of the interview.

He said the Opposition last week blocked discussion of the IVF bill to have a debate on what he called The Forbidden Stories (actually the Daphne Project).

Dr Muscat replied that many people he had spoken to had disagreed with the ruling given by Deputy Speaker Claudette Buttigieg. On his part, however, he respects the institutions even if he does not always agree with their rulings.

At the beginning of the interview, Dr Muscat defended the IVF Bill even though he said he respects the opposite point of view by Dr George Vella and Deborah Schembri as well as others who may have reservations.

Showing he was following Friday's Xarabank, he said he agrees with Mark Sant and Paul Sultana.
One in six families in Malta have infertility problems and the Labour Government is committed to help these with their problems. It is not true that this bill is bringing in the freezing of embryos. This was brought in by the 2012 law  but only as an exception.

The Labour parliamentary group is united on this matter, unlike the Opposition. Dr Muscat appealed for a rational debate. On his part, he will always be in favour of what provides families with children. There are today technical means to help families attain this desire.



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