The Malta Independent 20 June 2019, Thursday

Five pieces of legislation implementing Venice Commission reforms tabled in Parliament

Monday, 25 March 2019, 20:13 Last update: about 4 months ago

Five separate pieces of legislation which implement certain reforms recommended by the Venice Commission were tabled in Parliament for their first reading. 

The legislation tabled pertains specifically to the Attorney General, the Police, the Ombudsman, the Constitutional Conventions, and Public Service.

With regards to the act which pertains to the Office of the Attorney General, the government is compelled for this to pass through all phases of parliament so to be officially enacted before the summer recess.


Justice Minister Owen Bonnici said that the government was reacting in less than 100 days since the Venice Commission published their report, and he noted that this is a clear indication of the determination that the government has to keep putting forward legislative reform.

With these reforms, Bonnici said, the government will be changing laws which it had inherited from previous administrations and which, in the case of some, have been part of the legal system for many years if not even centuries.

These changes amount to a third of the changes recommended by the Venice Commission. 


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