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National Book Prize Awards

Malta Independent Sunday, 9 December 2007, 00:00 Last update: about 7 years ago

The National Book Council organised this year’s edition of the National Book Prize Award. The ceremony was held at the Auberge de Castille under the patronage of Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi

Each year, through the National Book Council, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Employment, gives Lm10,000/EUR23,293.73 in prizes to local authors and publishers. This is supplemented by sponsorships. This year these were by the Middlesea Group, Gutenberg Press and the Broadcasting Authority.

This year a total of 130 books were presented for the awards. Prize winners were as follows:

Literary Prose: Novels and Short Stories in Maltese

First Prize

Il-Linja l-Hadra

Clare Azzopardi Merlin Library Ltd

Second Prize

Storja Tinkiteb Kunsill Nazzjonali ta’ l-Ilsien Malti

Klabb Kotba Maltin

Literary Prose: Novels and Short Stories in Another Langauge

Of Craft and Honour and a Templar’s Chronicles

George Gregory Buttigieg

Miller Publications

Literary Prose: Translations of Novels and Short Stories

Ir-Ritratt ta’ Dorian Grech

Alfred Palma Wise Owl Publications

Prose Non Fiction

First Prize

Loghob, Taqbil u Gugarelli tat-Tfal Maltin Guido Lanfranco

Wise Owl Publications

Second Prize


Maurice Mifsud Bonnici

Prose Non Fiction:

Books of Religious Nature

Passaggi Vol. 1 u Vol. 2

John Sciberras Librerija Preca

Prose Non Fiction:

Translations of Non Fiction Prose

Vergni ghal Kristu:

L-Ordo Virginium Hajja Kkonsagrata

dejjem gdida

Edmund Teuma


Prose Non Fiction in Another Language

Beautiful Creations with Ganutell Catherine Balzan

Prose Non Fiction Textbooks

Il-Gahan ta’ Madwarna

Doris Vella Camilleri

Colour Image

Poetry in Maltese

First Prize


Louis Briffa


Second Prize

Siegha Vjola

Joseph Buttigieg

Drama in Maltese

First Prize

Is-Sejha taz-Zmien

Joseph Vella Bondin

Klabb Kotba Maltin

Second Prize

Mhux Skond iz-Zokk

Tony C. Cutajar

Colour Image

Drama: Translation of Drama

Sa ma Jasal Godot

Toni Aquilina

APS Bank

Works of Research in Maltese or Another Language

First Prize

Melchiore Gafa

Keith Sciberras

Midsea Books

Second Prize

Malta the Medieval Millenium

Charles Dalli

Midsea Books

Books for Children and Addoloscents:

Prose for Children

First Prize

Id-Drawwiet (Kullana ghat-Tfal)

Tony C. Cutajar

Pubblikazzjonijiet Indipendenza

Second Prize

Trasport (Kullana ghat-Tfal)

Charles Casha

Pubblikazzjonijiet Indipendenza

Books for Children and Addoloscents:

Prose for Adoloscents

First Prize


Trevor Zahra

Merlin Library Ltd

Second Prize


Charles Daniel Saliba

Wise Owl Publications

Books for Children and Addoloscents: Poetry

Laqt u Xiber

Carmel G. Cauchi

Books for Children and Addoloscents: Translations

Old Folk Tales of the Maltese Islands

Victor Fenech

Kotba Merill

Books for Children and Addoloscents in Another Language

Other special prizes:

Prize for the Best Illustrator:

Manwel Zammit

Prize for the Publishing House for the Best Book Production in Maltese: Merlin Library

Prize for the Publishing House for the Best Book Production in Another Language: PBS Soundscapes

Special Lifetime Achievement Award for contributions to the Maltese Book scene:

Michael J. Schiavone

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