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Conditional presidential pardon to George Farrugia granted

Malta Independent Sunday, 10 February 2013, 21:49 Last update: about 10 years ago


The President of Malta, Dr George Abela, on the advice of the Cabinet, and after meetings held with the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police, has given a conditional presidential pardon to George Mario Farrugia, of Mosta, to give state evidence in the oil procurement case.

The pardon, a DOI statement said, is limited tom criminal acts connected with the purchase of oil and other related products by Enemalta Corporation and/or companies and entities that are subsidiaries, associates or agents to the corporation.

In a second statement, the government said that the pardon was being given on several conditions.

The first is that it is related to allegations with regard to oil purchasing made before the pardon was given; the person involved must say the whole truth and nothing but the truth to help in police investigations, in courts of law and any inquiry that its carried out in connection with the case.

The person involved must also return all the money, property and profits made through his involvement in the purchase of oil.

In five days, Mr Farrugia must return €250,000 to the government. If it results that there was more money involved this must also be returned to the government.

The pardon stipulates that if Mr Farrugia does not adhere to these conditions the pardon will be withdrawn.

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