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The Loss of Innocence

Malta Independent Thursday, 31 October 2013, 14:07 Last update: about 11 years ago

Directed by Marc Cabourdin and starring Nadia Vella, Tina Rizzo, Simone Alamango and Sarah Jane Mallia, TAC Theatre’s production of Innocent Flesh is set to hit the stage of the Vault Theatre at the Valletta Waterfront on 9 November 2013.

This powerful script, written by KenyettaLethridge and inspired by what she witnessed while working with young runaways, tells a tale of human trafficking, sex with strangers, rape, abortion, molestation and, most importantly, cries for help.

“Audiences will get to see a lot of truth,” says Wesley Ellul, co-founder of TAC Theatre. “They’ll witness four girls’ reality and see how it affects them. They will be showing what they show to their clients, what the underground world of sex trafficking is like, and their naked, emotional selves.

“There are no fancy sets in this production, no over-the-top costumes; just hardwood floors and bare walls which the actors will be filling with their performances. We really want to give audiences something real.”

TAC Theatre has also launched a collaboration with the Women’s Rights Foundation, an organisation set up by Dr Lara Dimitrijevic to give a voice to women who can’t speak for themselves. All the proceeds from sales of the show programme throughout the run will go to the said organisation.

“Very much like our characters, there are women out there who cannot do otherwise, and even though in Malta we are less likely to see it, it still happens; and given the wrong situation, anyone could get involved. The Women’s Rights Foundation gives these women support, and Innocent Flesh will hopefully help raise awareness about a reality that might not be so obvious to some,” MrEllul explains.

TAC Theatre was founded by Wesley Ellul and Marc Cabourdin and has been the company behind some of these past years’ most talked about productions, including Is It Me andWhen You Hear My Voice.

Innocent Flesh will open at the Vault Theatre in Valletta Waterfront on 9 November 2013 and will run for five nights – 9th and 10th, and from the 15th till the 17th. Tickets can be bought from or from the Embassy Cinema box office in Valletta. Tickets cost €10 for the opening weekend (9th-10th) and €15 for the consecutive one (15th-17th).

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