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Amputees’ daily problems discussed

Malta Independent Monday, 7 July 2014, 19:36 Last update: about 11 years ago

Justyne Caruana, the Parliamentary Secretary for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing continued with a series of meetings with stakeholders with regards to the disability sector. Dr Caruana met with the NGO Amputees 4 Amputees which represents interests of persons who have undergone amputation procedures, because of some reason or other. Organization representatives, led by Amy Zahra stated how they were not persons with disability from birth, but due to different circumstances in their lives they now suffer from a disability. They informed the Parliamentary Secretary of issues they face every day and which they wish to address.

The Parliamentary Secretary thanked this Organization for their meeting, and also remarked on the problems they face every day, which do not just need attention but also a remedy. Although the requests made do not fall under the Parliamentary Secretariat for Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing’s remit, Dr Caruana declared that she is going to be their voice with other ministries. She also talked about initiatives which the Parliamentary Secretariat is going to take so that the Government will ensure better quality of life for such persons with such needs, and to provide with the adequate and good services which they should have as their right.

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