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CEO of public entity wants ‘eye for an eye’ after PN MEPs declare ‘no’ to Brincat nomination

Tuesday, 13 September 2016, 07:41 Last update: about 6 years ago

Alfred Grixti, a former Labour Party official who is now chief executive officer of a public entity, has pledged 'an eye for an eye' approach after Nationalist Party MEPs joined the European People’s Party in declaring a ‘no’ vote to Leo Brincat’s nomination on the European Court of Auditors.


Grixti is CEO of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services, a government entity whose remit is to provide social welfare services (to people of any political colour), in particular in relation to alcohol and substance abuse and in relation to other social welfare problems prevalent in the country, especially those related to family welfare.

Writing on Facebook, Mr Grixti said that nobody expects better from the PN, because they are a negative party. “But you are warned,” he added, making reference to the PN. “The time for taking stock will come. If needs be with you we will adopt an eye for an eye (concept). Don’t worry. The people will pay you back for all the damage you are causing to Malta. You will pay a hefty price for it.”

It is not the first time that Mr Grixti, who in the past was a member of the PL executive and a former Labour mayor, was embroiled in a controversy over his Facebook posts. Last April, he unceremoniously told Minister Evarist Bartolo to “shut up now that the leader has spoken” on the Panama Papers scandal. At the time, Mr Bartolo had said he would resign if he had been faced with the same predicament as Konrad Mizzi, who was caught having secretly opened a company in Panama.


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