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Updated (3): BA chairperson surrenders to UHM pressure and resigns

Gabriel Schembri Tuesday, 28 March 2017, 13:45 Last update: about 8 years ago

Embattled BA chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona has resigned in the wake of industrial action ordered by the UHM Voice of the Workers because of her "bullying tactics".

The announcement was given in a short statement by the Department of Information.

She avoided the media who sought her comments this afternoon after a BA board meeting which was held while the UHM Voice of the Workers was announcing it was planning further industrial action.


Ms Borg Cardona went straight to a waiting car without answering any of the questions from journalists waiting outside her office.

But, minutes later, the DOI issued a statement saying that she had handed in her resignation to the President, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

The DOI statement quoted her as denying any conflict of interest and adding that she always carried out her duties with impartiality. But, in the interests of the BA, she was offering her resignation.

The Prime Minister thanked her for the services offered and said a process of consultation will start for the appointment of a new chairperson.

Earlier, the UHM had upped the tempo of their protests against the behaviour of the chairperson, saying the union was calling for decisive action from the PM.

BroadcastingAuthority from The Malta Independent on Vimeo.

The Prime Minister is refusing to exercise his constitutional right to remove the unwanted chairperson of the Broadcasting Authority, whose bullying behaviour has led workers to take industrial action, UHM Voice of the Workers general secretary Josef Vella said.

Speaking in front of the BA offices in Hamrun, Mr Vella said that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has the ability to remove the chairperson via article 118 but has so far refrained from doing so in spite of the escalating situation.

Mr Vella said that the union is considering taking further industrial action if the chairperson, Tanya Borg Cardona, is not removed, and is also willing to take the matter to court or call for the intervention of the President of the Republic.

He said that the government boasts that it listens to what the people are saying but in this case it has chosen not to take any action.

Mr Vella said that employees are having their salaries deducted for taking part in the industrial action.

Industrial action was ordered on 13 March as the union accused Ms Borg Cardona of bullying tactics against workers.

The BA chairperson has denied the accusations.

PN reaction

The PN, in reaction, said that Malta deserves a Broadcasting Authority with serious leadership, and said that the new Chairperson should be approved by a 2/3rds Parliamentary majority.

The new Chairperson, the PN said, “must ensure that the obscenities in PBS stop once and for all.” They said that the PN is ready to help to ensure that the person appointed will be one with the best credentials.

The PN has already tied itself to, once in government, have the Chairperson of the Authority appointed through a 2/3rds Parliamentary majority, the statement read.  “This, however, should begin now.”

Photo Jonathan Borg/Video Baskal Mallia

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