The Malta Independent 18 October 2021, Monday

Police constable Simon Schembri exposes his injuries as message of courage, determination

Joanna Demarco Tuesday, 12 June 2018, 15:03 Last update: about 4 years ago

A photograph showing police constable Simon Schembri exposing the injuries he suffered from after he was hit and dragged by a car driven by a 17-year-old whilst giving a thumbs up sign was uploaded on the social media as a message of courage and determination.

Schembri was nearly killed while on duty three weeks ago, when he was run over by 17 year-old Liam Debono, an incident which shocked the public. The young man has since been charged with attempted murder.

The photo was uploaded yesterday evening by the Facebook group ‘Good Guys in Bad Lands’, who “help people from the web to fully comprehend the work of our military and law enforcement heroes,” according to their Facebook page.  In the photo, Schembri is seen with the group members, posing with a flag saying ‘Good Guys in Bad Lands’.

Speaking to The Malta Independent, Inspector Hermann Mula, a colleague and close family friend of Schembri said that the photo shows his determination and that he is copying with his injuries.

“It is a positive picture,” he said, explaining that Schembri wanted the photo to be this way and it was he who decided to place his arm, which has undergone amputation, to not hide behind the flag.

“It shows he is psychologically determined, and he wants to give other people courage,” he said, adding that Schembri’s recovery is indeed progressing.

The caption accompanying the post reads “I'm sharing this beautiful pic after the approval of Simon. Today was a great day because we brought the might to who need it, we are so happy about it. Simon, the police officer seriously injured on the line of duty, told me that during our meeting he was so happy that he doesn't thought about what's happened to him!! Thanks!” (sic.)

Schembri’s arm had to be amputated and he suffered other serious injuries when he was run over by a car and dragged along the road for many metres. The driver, Debono, is facing charges of attempted murder.

After the government pledged to pay all Schembri’s medical bills, the funds raised by the public will be used to establish a foundation to help emergency responders who are injured on duty.

“We are hoping to be able to create something good from what was a horrible incident and that, when he has sufficiently recovered, Simon can lead this Foundation and help others who have been injured while on duty. He will be an inspiration to everyone,” Inspector Mula had told this newsroom last Sunday.


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