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David Casa draws MONEYVAL’s attention to 17 Black situation

Saturday, 10 November 2018, 14:21 Last update: about 4 years ago

Partit Nazzjonalista's Head of Delegation in the European Parliament David Casa has called on MONEYVAL to look into the 17 Black situation.

MONEYVAL is a permanent monitoring body of the Council of Europe entrusted with the task of assessing compliance with the principal international standards to counter money laundering and the financing of terrorism and the effectiveness of their implementation, as well as with the task of making recommendations to national authorities in respect of necessary improvements to their systems. MONVEYVAL is currently conducting its 5th Round Evaluation into Malta's compliance with anti-money laundering laws. 


"It has also emerged that the Maltese authorities have been informed of the identity of the owner of 17 Black for many months now and that no action appears to have been taken in order to cease criminal activity that is potentially ongoing. Neither has any action been taken against Nexia BT - the auditing firm at the heart of the allegations that was shown to have mislead the FIAU, withheld information and fabricated letters of engagement to ensure consistency of documentation with public statements made by the politically exposed persons they serviced. This information results from the FIAU's leaked report that calls for police action against Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi."

"Anti-money laundering laws are not worth the paper they are printed on unless they are enforced. It appears that when it comes to people close to the Maltese Prime Minister enforcement is non-existent and the deficiencies are serious and systemic".  

David Casa asked for this information to be brought to the attention of MONEYVAL's evaluation team.


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