The Malta Independent 17 August 2019, Saturday

Insights Multi-Disciplinary Conference: Self-sought professional development

Saturday, 9 February 2019, 12:13 Last update: about 7 months ago

St Ignatius College has given the opportunity to its educators to share the research they have conducted at both MA and PhD level, an Education Ministry statement said today.

The sharing of knowledge with other educators through their insights has shed new light upon particular aspects related to schooling and education in general. This conference offered a platform for the consolidation and deepeing of knowledge and understanding of various issues related to education whilst pushing further the boundaries of their own knowledge.


The research presented included: 

1. Women in educational management: An exploration of challenges faced by female head teachers and principles in Maltese state secondary schools.

2. Culturally responsive education in Malta.

3. The origins of pedagogy in primary state schools in Malta.

4. eTwinning as a motivational tool in learning Italian as a second language.

5. What constitutes dyslexia-friendly practice? A case study of a Maltese primary school.

6. Perspectives on the smooth transition into kindergarten.

7. Impacts of invitational leadership on the primary school setting.

8. Exploring the potential of using moving images to assess learning in history: A shift in focus?

9. Students’ perceptions towards blended learning vs traditional learning: the use of virtual learning environments.

Minister Bartolo congratulated the college for this initiative. He stated that, ‘Education worldwide is navigating in uncharted waters because of the new realities we are living in. More of the same will not work. We need to reflect together and chart the way forward. The practical wisdom of educators in their daily work is indispensable to help us address today’s and tomorrow’s complex challenges.’


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