The Malta Independent 18 August 2019, Sunday

Parents offer money to son’s fiancée to break off relationship

Tuesday, 23 April 2019, 07:46 Last update: about 5 months ago

A woman was offered money by the parents of her boyfriend to break off the relationship – and she took it.

The unnamed woman revealed that she was offered $10,000 (nearly €9,000) to stop seeing the man who she had been dating for several years.

She explained that she met her partner in college.

The woman knew his wealthy mum and dad didn't think she was good enough for their son, but she says it never bothered her as she "loved him and thought [they] could get through this".


However after they got engaged, she began to notice that he was changing, and becoming increasingly like his parents.

She said: "He became extremely controlling. He wanted to know where I was almost every moment of the day, at one point he even said after we are married he wants to schedule out my day so he knows where I am at all times.

The woman decided then to start distancing herself emotionally from her partner and was getting ready to leave him.

So when his mother called and offered her $10,000 to break up with her son, she knew it was too perfect of an opportunity to pass up.

"We made an agreement to never tell my ex or anyone else about our 'exchange'. And so that night I went home, packed my bag and broke up with him," she continued.

"I moved out that next week and haven't seen him since. He's called me multiple times but I've ignored him. Mutual friends say he's a wreck and that he 'still loves me'. His parents contacted me once since then thanking me and wishing me luck in life.

"I was planning on breaking up with him anyway, that was never going to change. The money though, did help. Was I wrong to take it? His family mistreated me so at the time I just saw it as a way of repaying me for that."

People who read the post were quick to tell her she did the right thing.

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