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Thursday, 6 June 2019, 10:00 Last update: about 3 months ago

A positive shift is being recognised across multiple sectors in Malta, with organisations continuously striving to develop new methods of integrating current and upcoming evolving technologies to excel their digital transformation objectives. As a result of this, jobs in Malta are bound to increase, particularly for professionals in tech and finance. This growing demand for top talent means further opportunities for individuals seeking jobs in Malta.

Digital innovation is witnessing the rapid development of Blockchain and AI technologies which are destined to take centre stage in the operations of companies willing and able to invest, this creating more opportunities for jobs in Malta to flourish. This would indicate that companies must enhance their employer brand by displaying their passion for innovation through investing in such technology, this to further attract top talent to come aboard, generating more quality jobs in Malta.

As the working landscape continues to change, flexible and remote working opportunities are affecting the way companies recruit and function internally. Understanding and acknowledging the requirements of employees is the first step towards achieving effective talent retention. Therefore, jobs in Malta are being promoted with greater working flexibility as companies take into consideration the evolving working cultures of the digital age.

What is more is that the growing opportunity for professionals to follow a freelance career is also increasing. Indeed, the rise of the gig economy is affecting numerous companies worldwide, with jobs in Malta being no different. This has triggered an impulse for some companies to take full advantage of an on-demand talent acquisition approach. Freelancers in tech are being assigned by companies of all sorts, from buzzing start-ups to established industry leaders, to work on contract-based projects. This means that such freelancers are being approached for their specialised skills in areas related to Blockchain, AI and Big Data, most particularly, as jobs in Malta evolve to satisfy this growth in the gig economy.

Both local and foreign talent are being recruited by industry leaders who are serious about upping their game to succeed further in their market. Jobs in Malta for offshore talent are also becoming more abundant - apart from Malta's regulatory framework for Blockchain technology to operate which has triggered the relocation of several cryptocurrency exchanges to the island's shores, Malta is also an ideal destination for expats through it's desirable climate, its plentiful leisure activities and picturesque spots, making it a favourable option for foreigners looking to secure jobs in Malta.

Furthermore, with the English language an official language of Malta, it is not much of a surprise that English-speaking foreigners seek Malta as a top destination. Companies operating within the gaming and fintech industries in Malta are amongst the ones which mostly demand a good knowledge of English from their employees, especially for jobs dedicated to technical support. In addition, with diversity at the workplace consistently improving, jobs in Malta are open to all individuals who satisfy the technical criteria, meaning that a good percentage of foreigners should continue to make up the employee population at the workplace.

On a final note, as companies set out their objectives for digital innovation, they can then analyse their skills gap situation to better identify the need for talent to be more effective in their search for the right candidates. Employee diversification will continue to improve, and jobs in Malta for a variety of candidates are sure to be generated further.

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