The Malta Independent 18 September 2019, Wednesday

Updated: Delia would not describe himself as a key person in the party's strategy team

Kevin Schembri Orland Tuesday, 11 June 2019, 17:56 Last update: about 4 months ago

The PN Parliamentary Group is resuming its discussion today, after yesterday’s meeting was adjourned as MPs had to make their way to Parliament for the swearing-in ceremony of co-opted MP Kevin Cutajar.

The group yesterday discussed the situation the party finds itself in following the recent MEP and local council elections.

None of the MPs approached before or after yesterday’s meeting would reveal anything of what was discussed.

The only MP who spoke to the media on Monday was leader Adrian Delia, who said that if necessary the group will continue to meet until matters are thrashed out and the group is convinced on the message the party wants to push through.

The same happened today, as Delia spoke to journalists outside the PN headquarters in Pieta.

Asked by The Malta Independent who the key minds, aside from himself, are behind the strategy of the last election campaign, he said: “I would not describe myself as a key person in strategy. My role is as a leader.

"Strategy is something that the party does. I don’t think it is something the party should discuss, who the people concerned with the strategy are".

Asked how he intends to bring the party together, he said that it is a part of the discussion. Without going into details he said that after a defeat like that, this happens every time, and said that “we question everything, like what we can di to make things better, how you can get more people to the same resolve."

He said no one from the Parliamentary Group is asking for any removals or changes from certain positions, like that of the Secretary General. “Within the Parliamentary Group we are having an open discussion on all items and I think that it is not in the interest of the group to disclose what was said.”

Delia did not give a straight answer to a question on why he asked MPs attending the Parliamentary Group meeting yesterday whether they will contest the next general election under the PN ticket. 

He said that the meeting continues today and “I feel that I will comment after we finish the meeting so that we are at liberty to continue our discussion. “

Pressed and asked to confirm by saying yes or no as to whether he said it, Delia said “I would not like to say yes or no as I am not under cross examination here. I think I explained yesterday why it is important that the parliamentary group has internal discissions which are intimate to the group, otherwise is would not be a parliamentary group meeting. If it would be open to the public it would be an open discussion. I think that I need to respect that or it would be unfair to everyone there.”

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