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Parliament declares climate change emergency

Tuesday, 22 October 2019, 22:39 Last update: about 6 years ago

Parliament on Tuesday reached a consensus on a motion declaring a climate change emergency, calling for action on the issue.

The consensus was on an amended text. The motion had originally been filed by PN MP Jason Azzopardi. Originally, the motion called for the creation of a climate emergency committee and a Superintedent for Climate Change.

The government however had moved a counter-motion. The two sides came together and the counter-motion was withdrawn and a new set of amendments were made. The MPs called on the government to take new measures to combat climate change, among other things. In addition, the Parliamentary Environment and Development Planning committee will be renamed to include the term Climate Change.

The PN, in a statement, said that it is content that Parliament accepted and voted in favour of a proposal to declare a climate emergency.

The PN said that it received unprecedented support from civil society including from 31 youth organisations, who also urged Parliament to approve the declaration.

Tonight, the PN said, it was not the PN that won, but civil society. "Tonight, nobody lost. Tonight the country won."




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