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Muscat’s mind ‘at ease’ as both contenders want country to move forward

Sunday, 5 January 2020, 10:24 Last update: about 5 years ago

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's mind is at ease as both contenders for the PL Leadership want the country to move forward, he said in a brief interview on ONE Radio.

Muscat said that over the past seven years, the country saw an enormous transformation, from a country that was in debt, had a deficit and unemployment, to one which was transformed for the better.

"We managed to do all this because we transformed the Labour Party 11 years ago." He said that back then, the party had strong foundations, however was closed. "We opened the party and turned it into a movement, and we need to keep moving forward like this, with an open mentality, not a siege mentality, and continue working on the food we did and change where we made mistakes."

He reiterated that his final speech as Prime Minister will be on Friday, where he will speak about the country's transformation, on the country's future, and on his future.

The outgoing Prime Minister said that he is pleased that the majority of people see that his leadership and his team brought about a good change in their lives. "That was, is and will remain the aim."

Muscat said that the Labour Party went through problems the last month and a half, and that people had every excuse to abandon it, but the majority didn't. "They didn't as the people see us as the best choice, as people do not judge on one thing but on a period of time and they are satisfied with what the government did."

Muscat also said that there is no alternative from the opposition.

He said that he will be behind the next Prime Minister to help where needed and step back when needed to give the new leader all the space to move ahead.


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