The Malta Independent 9 August 2020, Sunday

Resignation or rebel MPs ‘becoming independent’ inevitable if process continues – Edwin Vassallo

Friday, 10 July 2020, 14:37 Last update: about 30 days ago

Resignation or the rebel PN MPs “becoming independent” is inevitable if the process which they have started continues, PN MP Edwin Vassallo said on Friday.

Writing on Facebook, Vassallo – who is one of the 11 MPs who supported Delia in last Tuesday’s confidence vote – said that he does not want or wish for any MP to resign from the PN, but warned that if the process which has started continues, resignation or that the MPs in question will have to become independent is inevitable.


“I always believe in reconciliation. Togetherness is always required, but every decision has its consequences”, Vassallo said.

His comments come as the President of Malta continues to call PN MPs in for meetings, after a letter was filed indicated that PN leader Adrian Delia no longer held the faith of the majority of the Opposition benches in parliament.

If this is the case, the President can, as per the Constitution, cite Article 90 (4) and remove Delia from the post of Opposition leader.

17 MPs and two MEPs voted against Delia’s leadership last Tuesday, while 11 MPs voted in support of him. Delia however has refused to step down, leading to Chris Said and Claudette Buttigieg going to the President on Thursday to start the process for Delia’s removal.

Therese Comodini Cachia, who seconded the motion for a vote of confidence, has been nominated in Delia’s stead.

With both sides refusing to budge, an ugly rift in the PN has developed, with one of the MPs opposing Delia – David Thake – saying that they were trying to remove a “monster” who was trying to drive the party into the wall.

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