The Malta Independent 3 August 2020, Monday

TVM presenter Brian Hansford under fire for advising Delia supporters to ‘get the people out’

Friday, 17 July 2020, 09:53 Last update: about 17 days ago

The presenter of Realtà on TVM, Brian Hansford, is under fire for livestreaming himself offering advice to Adrian Delia’s supporters to act against dissenting PN MPs and “get them out”.

In a video likely filmed on Tuesday evening while the PN’s executive was in the depths of a marathon meeting, Hansford – a former One TV presenter – is heard telling Delia’s supporters that they need to present a strong show of force against the embattled leader’s critics.


He then points out that the only mistake made by Delia’s supporters is that they do not turn up in numbers. “You f***ing need to get the people out – not just noise,” the presenter said.

“It’s easy. I’ll tell you how you can get the numbers. Everyone here should bring five people with them,” he tells the persons when they ask how they can rally people. “It’s pressure!”

Hansford himself reacted to the emergence of this story, saying that he “doesn’t see PL/PN” and “helps everyone”. “I don’t have an agenda to break any individual”, he said on Facebook.

Hansford was one of the journalists present on Tuesday evening when the PN executive met to discuss Adrian Delia’s leadership of the party.

In that meeting, the executive voted 47 to 36 against Delia’s leadership.

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