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And I’ll say it again: Daphne was always right

Victor Calleja Sunday, 26 July 2020, 08:46 Last update: about 2 years ago

I’ve repeated this often enough. If it isn’t music to your ears, just flip over or don’t click on this article. It’s all Daphne Caruana Galizia’s doing.


When she was alive everyone was scared of her.  Labour spokespersons, Joseph Muscat and his gang, Glenn Bedingfield, Lawrence Cutajar, Keith Schembri, Chris Cardona, Konrad Mizzi, Adrian Delia: they all hated Daphne. All wanted her silenced.

All were scared because she spoke truth to anyone. No ifs, buts or silly conditions. She hated wrong in all its mutations. She proved her immutability when she crossed swords with a prospective PN leader.

Until Adrian Delia burst on the sick scene of this terminally-ill country everyone used to accuse Daphne Caruana Galizia of being a PN lackey. Of being the de facto PN leader. Of setting the agenda for the PN to follow.

When Adrian Delia appeared, posing as a knight in shining armour, she showed him up for what he really is: a man carrying terrible baggage, a bully and a future scourge on the PN. With her sagacity and her steadfastness, she did not hesitate to expose him for what he really is.

Delia displayed his undesirable character by venting all his hatred on Daphne. He will never live that down. Instead of bowing out in shame, he ploughs on. By her stand, Daphne made it amply clear to all that she was not and could never be some diehard PN supporter.

She gave the PN grandees and members more than enough rope to hang Adrian Delia and his posse of no good hangers-on. Instead of stopping him in his tracks before the damage was inflicted, he was voted in as leader.

He raged and raved and ranted and instituted libel proceedings against Daphne. He became as guilty in demeaning and dehumanising her as Joseph Muscat, Chris Cardona and the rest of the Castille rogues.

Daphne wasn’t right only about the corruption of the Labour government inner core. She was right about the ties of the highest authorities to criminality. She also knew of, and was chasing, the criminals’ connections to – and near-control of – the police and the other institutions supposedly aimed at preventing crime. Instead, as we now know, they covered crime up. Our crime busters were criminals themselves.

The recent court findings, Melvin Theuma’s attempted murder or supposed suicide, the shocking facts about the Attorney General, all confirm that nothing was right in the corridors of power under Labour and Joseph Muscat.

All was wrong. All was totally screwed up.

Joseph Muscat and many of his other sidekicks have resigned or been booted out thanks to Daphne. She is our real fighter; our saviour. Even so long after her execution.

That the criminals hounded and demonised her in her life was not enough. The more they threatened, the more they stripped her of her humanity and funds, the more they depicted her as a lying hack, the more she shone. Shone not just in her pursuit of truth but also in shining a bright torch on all things rotten in the state of Malta.

Then they thought of getting rid of her once and for all by going a step further and blasting her to kingdom come. They planned, they concocted what they thought was the perfect crime. The more they hoped she would evaporate and disappear, the more she shone.

Her work was so good that others the world over as well as in Malta have taken on her mission. And the wrong doers are still being exposed thanks to her.

It is useless people telling me I’ve said too much about Daphne. How can I ever stop? She was the only one then – and maybe she will be the only one ever – to poke and prod when everyone else just wanted to turn a blind eye.

The rot at the heart of our society is horrific. Daphne Caruana Galizia wanted no part of it so she strove to uncover the truth which sometimes is too hard to fathom or swallow. That is why Malta, led by criminals who are loved and applauded by the huge majority of the Maltese electorate, murdered Daphne.

Her body may be gone. But her pen, her spirit, lives on.

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