The Malta Independent 15 August 2020, Saturday

Adrian Delia files judicial protest against Jason Azzopardi over ‘defamatory’ claims

Friday, 31 July 2020, 20:38 Last update: about 15 days ago

PN leader Adrian Delia has filed a judicial protest against one of his own MPs – Jason Azzopardi – over what he says are defamatory claims concerning alleged communication with Yorgen Fenech.

In the protest, Delia says he has been informed that Azzopardi was spreading “defamatory and false” rumours via SMS.

 One of the texts presented as part of the court proceedings reads: ‘Of course it is! And you have no idea of the hundreds of other messages in the mobile of Fenech in 2019 relating to the payment to Delia of €50,000 and pledge of €100,000 or more if Casa was not elected. You have NO idea what I’ve been holding up inside me since January. Know once and for all that the man is a pathological liar.”


Delia says the person who received the text is willing to testify in court.

He also asks why Azzopardi did not go to the police with this information in January. “The real reason is that Azzopardi is doing all he can to dirty Delia’s name,” the protest says.

He warns the MP to stop spreading false claims, adding that this is of no benefit to the MP or the party.

Reacting in a Facebook post, Azzopardi challenged Delia to resign if the evidence proves him wrong. Referring to the PN leader as “Yorgen Fenech’s friend,” Azzopardi said Delia had never outright denied having communicated with Fenech.

Delia, he said, had never answered with a yes or no when asked in the parliamentary group or the executive committee.

He had also refused to sue Times of Malta for libel when challenged to do so by Azzopardi.

He asked whether Delia would be willing to resign should evidence prove that he is lying. Azzopardi said he would do the same if such proof does not result.

“The truth is on my side,” he said. “I am not afraid of the lies of Yorgen Fenech’s friend.” 



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