The Malta Independent 18 October 2021, Monday

40 companies had assets frozen in Monday's court order

Tuesday, 22 September 2020, 11:10 Last update: about 2 years ago

The assets of 40 companies were frozen in yesterday's asset freeze order issued by the courts.

The order froze the assets held by former OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri, Brian Tonna, managing partner of Nexia BT, among others, as well as the companies they are involved in. The court had decreed that there was reasonable suspicion that Schembri and Tonna are guilty of crime (money laundering) under clause 3 of cap 313 of the Laws of Malta. 

Keith Schembri, his wife and other family members had their assets frozen. In addition, the companies Schembri or his family are shareholders in were also frozen. These include KASCO Holdings Limited, Navis Logistics Limited, Kasco Limited, Kasco Recycling, It's Good Limited, Graphic Supplies Limited, FSV Limited, CINEBISS Limited, Tekhne Industrial, Kasco Engineering Company, Berner Malta Limited, 3City Designs, GSV Co Limited, Holdforth Limited (a company in Cyprus which Schembri was once said to be linked to and possibly owns), Malmos Limited (in Gibraltar), Colson Services Limited (in the British Virgin Islands). One of Keith Schembri's children is not on the list.

Malcolm Scerri (Keith Schembri's business partner) and his family also had their assets frozen. Some of the companies that the Scerris are shareholders in are also subject to the freezing order. These are Tekhne Industrial, Kasco Engineering Company, Berner Malta Limited, Acumen Projects Limited, ThoughtZone Limited

Brian tonna (of Nexia BT) and his family, including his 6-month old grandson, had their assets frozen.  The companies in which one or more of the Tonnas are shareholders in which also had their assets frozen include SOPNIF Ltd, KBT Holdings Limited, AWNY Properties, SPX Services Ltd (a British Virgin Islands company that was owned by Brian Tonna), MBK Limited, NBT Technology, Willerby Trade Inc (in the British Virgin Islands), Nexia BT Limited, Nexia Bt Holdings (Consulting) Limited, Nexia BT Holdings Limited, BT International Limited, Nexia BT Advisory Service, Nexia BT Consulting Limited, Nexia BT Projects, BTI Management Ltd.

Karl Cini (of Nexia BT) and the companies he is a shareholder in are also on the list.

Manuel Castagna (of Nexia BT) and his family, as well as companies one or more of them are shareholders in, also had their assets frozen.

A number of other people also had their assets frozen, some of whom were directors in the aforementioned companies.

A number of companies which were struck off were also listed in the order: Zonqor Estates Ltd, SG Limited, Voluntas Malta Limited, Eximius Business Malta Limited, 8 Point Services Ltd and BT Consulting.

ATC Administrators, a company in the British Virgin Islands, also had its assets frozen.

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