The Malta Independent 25 October 2020, Sunday

We will not be in a situation where we run out of teachers, Education Minister says

Giulia Magri Wednesday, 14 October 2020, 14:50 Last update: about 11 days ago

Schools are taking the measures very seriously, and we will not be in a situation where we run out of teachers, Employment and Education Minister Owen Bonnici told The Malta Independent.

“We have been informed that schools are taking the necessary measures and are taking them very seriously. We will not end up in a situation where we run out of teachers, we are taking all the necessary measures and we ensured that if there is a teacher who is unable to come to school for any particular reason, there are enough replacement teachers.”


Bonnici was reacting to the statement the Malta Union of Teachers published on Monday, stating that it will give the government up until Thursday to take new measures to control the spread of COVID-19. The union also highlighted its concerns that some schools may soon suffer a teacher shortage because of the virus.

On Wednesday, the health authorities announced that 111 new Covid-19 cases were found overnight in what is a record single-day increase of cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

Following the announcement of the high number of cases, the Union of Professional Educators (UPE), had called for schools to close down immediately, and is threatening industrial action.

When asked whether the government is considering adding more measures to control the spread of the virus within the community, Bonnici said that the government does not shy away from taking necessary measures. “Earlier a few weeks ago the government implemented that there cannot be groups bigger than 10 when out in public. I believe it is important that we all cooperate and that we all continue with our lives and take care of one another.”

When pressed whether the government is planning to add more measures, Bonnici said that he has faith in the Public Health Authorities and that they always took the right decisions for the country and that everyone should take the necessary measures to safeguard the public’s health.

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