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Truth chevaliers

Alfred Sant MEP Monday, 30 November 2020, 07:19 Last update: about 3 months ago

It’s curious to note how many champions for the truth have emerged to publish “needed” info about this or that labour front ranker. One can only admire their assiduity till one remembers to ask: where were these knight errants in the defence of truth during the years of the Fenech Adami and Gonzi administrations?

In those years did they not have similar info fit for publication with the same details and contrasts?


I agree that any sin committed yesterday – should it exist – would in no way excuse one being committed now. However I find that the hypocrisy of those who today ply their saintly games is just as odious as today’s and yesterday’s alleged sins. For when one probes the motivation of those who today seek sainthood, one is likely to find that there has been umbrage at personal expectations not having been granted satisfaction, or because some other person who should be looked down upon has made superior progress career-wise.

Shall we ever break out of this vicious circle by which we close our eyes when sins can be alleged against those whom we root for, but then blow at full blast the trumpets of justice and truth when the same could be alleged against those whom we do not support? 



The ugly episode regarding the murder of Mrs Caruana Galizia should be brought to a close as quickly as possible – not by way of burying and forgetting the whole affiar – to the contrary – but by ensuring that all the truth is brought out into the open and that all those responsible, no matter who they are, are fully punished under the law.

It is disquieting how investigations seem to move forward at a snail’s pace. It is certain that now this is not happening because an effort is being made to keep going at a slow pace, but because our organizations and institutions are only able to function in this manner. They still run according to what they have inherited as procedures and models for how things should get done, despite all changes in circumstances.

It is a way of life that all are accustomed to and all seem to like even if every insalubrious story... or almost... ends up buried in sand. We cannot let this keep happening.



When you come to think of it, the Maltese Parliament today has the highest rate ever of members who acceded to it through bye-elections/cooptions that happened long after a general election. And thank heavens at least, that this occurred not because MPs died when in office, so that the co-option procedure was needed to replace them.

MPs simply resigned their seat.

What has happened can only be considered as a normal part of the Maltese political reality.

On the other hand however, perhaps we should watch out not to let this process devalue the democratic awareness of citizens who might reflect as follows: What use is there in voting for one or the other candidate, since soon they could get replaced by people who did not get elected but have found favour with the powers that be?

In second place, no matter who does get elected to Parliament, there should flourish inside it a full commitment for matters to be resolved according to people’s expectations. Will this commitment remain intact if those present in Parliament have not been elected to the job? This applies above all to whoever is leader of the Opposition.



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