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PN reveals new shadow cabinet: Arrigo, Spiteri retained; Azzopardi loses justice; Delia refuses role

Wednesday, 20 January 2021, 12:19 Last update: about 2 months ago

The Nationalist Party have announced its new shadow cabinet, with a number of MPs retaining their previous portfolios and, notably, with former PN leader Adrian Delia refusing to take on a shadow role.

Robert Arrigo and Stephen Spiteri amongst others have been retained, but Jason Azzopardi is one of those who has had his role shifted.

The party meanwhile said that its former leader Adrian Delia had refused to take on a spokesperson role within the shadow cabinet.


In a statement published on Wednesday, the party said that the first 100 days of Bernard Grech as party leader were marked by a renewal within the Nationalist Party.

This was done through intensive work carried out both internally within the same structures of the party and the approval of candidates for the general election, as well as the externally, through continuous contact with various entities, constituted bodies and close meetings with the people at a local level.

The Nationalist Parliamentary Group has been fundamental to this renewal, the statement read.

During these 100 days, the Nationalist Parliamentary Group has met an average of more than once every two weeks with PN Leader Grech, aimed at strengthening the work of the group in the coming months, the statement read.

The renewal is being continued to the Nationalist party fulfils its vision – that of offering a new page for the country, the statement read.

The announcement comes after several Nationalist Party MPs who were angered about the reshuffle of portfolios were absent for a three-hour parliamentary group meeting held on Tuesday.

The full list of spokespersons is as follows:

Opposition Leader – Bernard Grech

Deputy Leader for Parliamentary Affairs & Spokesperson for inclusion and quality of lifeDavid Agius

Responsible for pensions, politics on children, inclusion, quality of life, and social wellbeing.

Deputy Leader for Party Affairs & Spokesperson for TourismRobert Arrigo

Responsible for tourism sector.

Whip & Spokesperson for the Environment and Climate ChangeRobert Cutajar

Responsible for environmental political, politics on climate change, waste management strategy, environmental projects, protected maritime zones, Natura 2000, and urban improvement.

Parliamentary Group Secretary & Justice SpokespersonKarol Aquilina

Responsible for the justice sector and for electoral reform.

Deputy Whip & Spokesperson for European Funds and NGOsKevin Cutajar

Responsible for European Funds, state aid, and the voluntary and non-government organisations sector.

Deputy Whip & Spokesperson for Local Government, National Heritage and YouthsKarl Gouder

Responsible for local government, public cleanliness, national heritage, culture, the arts, and youths.

Deputy Speaker & Spokesperson for Social policy and the familyClaudette Buttigieg

Responsible for social policy, family policy, social security, solidary services, consumer protection, and a member of the Covid-19 Action Team.

Spokesperson for Employment, Training, Competitiveness, and EnterpriseJason Azzopardi

Responsible for the employment and training sector, Malta Enterprise, Competitiveness, and Industrial relations.

Spokesperson for Social and affordable accommodation and the fight against povertyIvan Bartolo

Responsible for social accommodation, affordable accommodation, and the fight against poverty.

Spokesperson for Transport and InfrastructureTony Bezzina

Responsible for the Transport and infrastructure sector, ports, aviation, and maritime affairs.

Spokesperson for Water & Energy policy and sustainable developmentRyan Callus

Responsible for water management, energy policy, alternative energy, conservation and management of parks and valleys, and sustainable development.

Spokesperson for Human Rights and Good GovernanceTherese Comodini Cachia

Responsible for human rights, good governance, and rule of law.

Spokesperson for FinanceMario De Marco

Responsible for finance and for Air Malta.

Spokesperson for Economic Development and IndustryKristy Debono

Responsible for the economic sector, financial services, gaming, lands, creation of new economic sectors, and the industrial sector.

Spokesperson for the Elderly and Community CareMaria Deguara

Responsible for the elderly sector and community care, and a member of the Covid-19 Action Team.

Spokesperson for Constitutional Reform, Social Dialogue, and National BroadcastingJoseph Ellis

Responsible for the discussions about constitutional reform, social dialogue, national broadcasting, and public administration.

Spokesperson for Home Affairs, National Security and CitizenshipBeppe Fenech Adami

Responsible for Home Affairs, national security, immigration, and citizenship.

Spokesperson for Mental Health and Animal Rights – Mario Galea

Responsible for the mental health sector, dementia, the fight against diabetes, and animal rights.

Spokesperson for Political Renewal, research, and innovationClaudio Grech

Responsible for the transformation and policy innovation of the Nationalist Party, the make-up of the party’s socio-economic vision, the implementation of the party’s policy clusters, preparation of the electoral programme, research, innovation, science, technology, the post-Covid-19 recovery plan, and also a member of the Covid Action Team.

Spokesperson for Foreign and European AffairsCarm Mifsud Bonnici

Responsible for Malta’s relationships with foreign countries.

Spokesperson for Education and SportClyde Puli

Responsible for the education sector, sport, the fight against obesity, and also a member of the Covid Action Team.

Spokesperson for GozoChris Said

Responsible for Gozo.

Spokesperson for Planning and the Construction IndustryHermann Schiavone

Responsible for development planning, the property market, the construction industry, and the Freeport.

Spokesperson for Health and the response to the PandemicStephen Spiteri

Responsible for the health sector, and also a member of the Covid Action Team.

Spokesperson for the Green Economy and Capital ProjectsDavid Thake

Responsible for the Green Economy and for capital projects.

Spokesperson for Agriculture, Fisheries, and Small businessesEdwin Vassallo

Responsible for the agricultural and fisheries sector, the conservation of traditional hobbies including hunting and trapping, corporate bodies, and small businesses.


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