The Malta Independent 15 April 2021, Thursday

IN PICTURES: The place where illegal rave party took place

Neil Camilleri & Albert Galea Monday, 1 March 2021, 13:49 Last update: about 2 months ago

An illegal rave party which was in clear breach of the country’s mass event and social distancing rules took place at the White Rocks complex in Pembroke, The Malta Independent can confirm.

Two videos were shared to the social media platform Instagram over the weekend showing a party taken place in what seemed to be a dilapidated, underground location somewhere in Malta.


While not much is visible in the videos since they are shot at night and in some level of darkness, certain key features – such as a piece of graffiti art on a wall, a piece of wall built up with exposed concrete bricks and some discolouration on another wall – match with a particular location within the abandoned White Rocks complex.

Pictures taken by this newsroom on site show the room in full daylight, with the graffiti in particular a match to what is seen in the video.

A makeshift table – which could have served as some sort of bar or DJ table – also stands out, while the area was strewn with cans and bottles.

A couple of glass bottles – clearly shattered on the floor – can also be seen in the room, while bags of empty cans were stashed away in a corner.

The organisation of the rave has drawn anger and condemnation after it was reported on Monday.  It is not clear when it took place, however this newsroom is informed that the videos were shared to social media on Friday evening.

This newsroom is informed that the police are investigating the videos, and a police spokesperson said on Monday afternoon that the alleged organiser will be charged in connection with the party.

Photos: Giuseppe Attard

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