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All 270 migrants who were stranded at sea taken to Lampedusa - TVM

Sunday, 4 April 2021, 13:01 Last update: about 4 years ago

The 270 migrants who were stranded in the Mediterranean were all taken to Lampedusa, TVM reports.

NGOs had seen around three boats with migrants, amounting to around 270 people in total. On Saturday, NGO Alarm Phone said that two of the three boats in distress were rescued to Lampedusa after three days of non-assistance. "We are happy they survived this terrible journey and abandonment at sea.  The fate of the 110 people South-West of Malta is still unclear." Later, another NGO, Sea Watch international, said: "Moonbird searched in vain for around 100 people spotted after Alarm phone's SOS and of whom there is no more news. The Nordic Star was instructed to move away after the arrival of a Maltese patrol boat, but there is no news of any people disembarked in Malta."


Sea-Watch then said: "We assume the people on board of the third boat sighted yesterday, have been brought to safety in Lampedusa, as the #Moonbird crew spotted an empty boat equal to the one they saw yesterday. Again the pressure of the civil society was needed to push states to do their duty."

TVM on Sunday reported that all 270 were taken to Lampedusa.

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