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Work-Life Balance Directive will help mothers reach their aspirations

Saturday, 8 May 2021, 10:41 Last update: about 2 months ago

This Government is committed to continue striving to put into local legislation the Work-Life Balance Directive, a measure which will improve productivity but also give a better quality of life for families.

Measures such as parental leave, the introduction of five days leave for looking after family members, as well as the strengthening of IVF services are measures to give more rights and benefits to the family. In addition, there will be a continued emphasis on following the discussion on a European level about the right to disconnect.


Minister Carmelo Abela, Minister within the Office of the Prime, spoke about this when meeting mothers on the occasion of Mother's Day, to be celebrated Sunday. The mothers present came from all walks of life and some of them have passed or are facing numerous challenges.

Abela reassured those present that the government is making its utmost to ensure female participation in the labour market. He mentioned how in the last eight years, numerous measures were introduced that led to an increase in the rate of participation of women in the local labour market when compared to the European average. Among these measures there was free childcare, the in-work benefit, tax credits for mothers returning to work following the birth of a child, and the child bonus of €300.

Minister Abela said that having all these measures grouped together will lead to improvement in the mothers' quality of life both in bringing up her children and also in participating in the labour market.

During the meeting, the women discussed their experiences with the minister - experiences including those of a mother who lost her daughter, a mother of a child with a rare disease, a mother who adopted her son, a mother of a boy with down syndrome, a mother who suffered a miscarriage, a mother of a boy who is suffering from cancer, as well as a mother who gave birth as a result of IVF.

It was established that whatever the challenge mothers continue to strive both in their personal life as well as their professional life so every bit of help is appreciated in order to reach their aspirations.

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