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Attention HR Professionals and People Managers

Thursday, 12 May 2022, 10:51 Last update: about 2 years ago

No, this article is not just another spinoff from the endless write-ups and blog-posts about how the pandemic has made us see how online video platforms have changed our working lives. But you're definitely going to want to read this one.

What's new then?

Lengthy webinars just don't cut it anymore. People get tired, turn to their phones, or even doze off. Why? Because it gets boring after a while.

That's why the team at 59 Minute Webinars are redesigning this idea. The length of a webinar is inversely proportionate to the attendees' attention spans. With webinars which (and this one is a no-brainer) take no longer than an hour, 59 Minute Webinars will offer interesting and exciting content within a span of time that suits both your attention span, and also your busy schedule.


What are the webinars about?

Headed by Dr Roselyn Borg, a lead expert in employment and industrial relations legislation in Malta, together with her colleague Dr Patrick Farrugia, the training webinars organised by 59 Minute Webinars will consist of various topics relating to employment and business matters, providing adequate insight from professionals who deal with such matters and complications, day in day out.


Who should attend?

The content of the webinars aims to hit a variety of interests from among different pools of professionals, ranging from company directors, to managers, team leaders, and even start-up entrepreneurs aiming to eventually become people managers.

Naturally, HR Managers will most definitely find these webinars immensely insightful and helpful in the course of their daily jobs.


When do they start?

The first of many webinars hosted by 59 Minute Webinars is titled 'Managing Sickness Absence & its Legal Implications', to be held on 19 May 2022. This webinar aims to assist professionals in dealing with sickness absences in a way which protects both the employer and the employee, which in itself is a painstakingly complex matter. This will be seen in light of the ever-widening scope of both physical and mental health wellbeing, going way beyond the traditionally understood physical ailments which employees may suffer from.

The next two upcoming webinars will deal with two other major topics on which queries are constantly raised - the hiring of workers who live abroad, and how to conduct workplace investigations within the parameters of the law. These webinars shall be held on 9 June and 23 June respectively.

For more information and details, check out our page by accessing this WEBINARS | Ten Yards Legal

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